Last updated: March 20, 2019
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December in New York City was always the best month of the year. The snow would fly past my face as I trudged along the city sidewalks, gazing into each window as I searched for that one perfect Christmas gift for my brother.

Christmas shoppers walked along beside me with their arms packed down with decorated boxes and I listened to the sound of the holiday music playing all around me.

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Each window was dressed with the Christmas theme and as I approached the toy store, I gasped when I saw the reflection of myself in the Toy-R-Us window.

It was me but dressed in different colored clothing and my reflection was wearing a pink bow in their hair. Curiosity led me in the direction of the girl that had previously stood in front of the window and looked back at me.

She was the same height and weight as me and she smiled when I looked at her. She had been thinking the very same thing that I had been thinking. “You are my mirror image.” She was the first one to speak and when she said she had a twin sister in New York City that she had been searching for years, a small tear streamed down my cheeks for I had also been searching for my twin sister for the biggest part of my life.

At birth, my sister had been adopted by another family, since my mother hadn’t been able to take care of the two of us and ever since the first day that I was told that I had an identical twin sister, every window that held my reflection made me wonder if it were only just my mirror image I was seeing or my sister who looked just like me.