Misbehavior of students in the classroom is common for teachers at Philippine Institute of Quezon City. Acting out by talking, shouting or swearing are a few ways students do to disturb the class. Students who do not cooperate or listen to the discussion of the teacher makes it difficult for other students to enjoy the lessons. Improving the behavior of students in the classroom is part of a teacher’s job. Behavior of students is seen on how teachers discipline their students and it is important for the teacher to have control over the students to enforce obedience in the class.


          A student will sometimes feel that he cannot succeed in doing an important task. A fear of failure can lead to disincentive instead of motivation. Students who cannot take the pressure in studies find ways to avoid participating in anything that may lead to failure. Teacher’s roles are supposed to encourage students to try and to never give up. And teachers must be there to give assistance in any educational learnings.

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          A classroom that is not convenient for a learning environment may lead students to loose self-control of their behavior. As to letting them sit with their friends or letting them make noises are all distractions in a classroom. The mood in classrooms like these will result in behavior issues.


          Students are most likely to daydream in class if the lessons taught are not applicable for the learning abilities of a student.  Students may encounter boredom or annoyance in the class, resulting in behavior problems. Furthermore, a teacher that does not have orderliness in the classroom may cause conflicts with a student, disturbing the educational process.


          There are different types of student problem behavior inside the classroom. The common misbehavior in the classroom are “daydreaming,” “sleeping,” and “talking out of turn”.  Some misbehavior are by groups when they are talking. But the most repeatable misbehavior in different grade levels of students is “talking out of turn”. It is when students have their own conversation while the teacher is discussing the lesson.


          Most of the time misbehavior are easily resolved by a simple action a teacher makes. But some minor naughtiness can expand into a bigger issue. Behavior of students in the classroom is also an academic performance to better improve the conduct of students.


          Teachers have a difficult role in finding ways to make a classroom a learning environment for students. An individual will be challenged to do better and to improve his or her behavior in class. Teachers can achieve any system for the class when appropriate strategies are applied to improve the behavior in the classroom. Student actions pertain to academic behavior that can have on the capability to sustain good performance in the classroom. And getting students involved in the curriculum can motivate each student to get somewhere.


          Students will encounter behavioral challenges in school. The students need support, encouragement, and faith that students can accomplish difficult tasks given to them so that students will overcome the challenges and distractions encountered in the classroom. Teachers that believe in the student’s ability can help improve their accomplishment level. By supporting students, giving different teaching arrangements and focusing on educational



standards, teachers are keeping the class motivated and optimistic for a better academic performance.

          Sigmund Freud said ” it is never easy to determine why children do the things they do.” And “sometimes the reason for misbehavior is very different than the obvious and requires a totally different intervention than the usual consequences.” The teachers and parents may see misbehavior from a new perspective.


             Students who have had teachers that overly encouraged achievement and rewarded them for minor behavioral achievements, only to give up on them later may affect their trust in teachers. Sometimes students just want to be noticed. Students find ways to be noticed that they misbehave so that they have the class’s attention to them because no student want to be unnoticed.


             Teachers must believe in the students no matter what they do even if their actions is serious or rigid. Teachers may say that they will never give up or stop believing in the student’s abilities. Asking students to perform academic task and solving a problem will make the students feel appreciated.


          A student has certain sensitivities in them. Teachers that will announce behavior and academic performance must be in private with the student. Whether the teacher is announcing positive or negative comments about the student, it must never be publicly attract attention with any other student. Most of all never discuss about an individual status in life with any other students or other parents. But sometimes when an adviser does   his job by knowing each and every student in his class, the teacher may have heard certain


information about the student. And it is the teacher’s part to be professionally quiet about what he knows.