Miscellaneous   Obviously, it seems somewhat difficult to condense everything about me into one, short piece of writing.  Instead, I’ll focus on what I believe are the more salient facets of my personality.  For instance, I think it would be apropos to begin by mentioning that I am an extremely hard-working, focused student.

  My academic record should be sufficient evidence for that claim.Likewise, I am an extremely well-organized person.  Organization skills have always come very naturally to me.  In fact, my mother always reminds me of a story about how, when I came back for summer break from my first year of undergraduate work, I wouldn’t go to sleep until I had everything stowed away and organized.  I bring this same sort of tendency to any work which I set out to accomplish.

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  As mentioned previously, I am very health conscious, as well, and I feel that that is something which stems from the same personality traits.In addition, I am a very patient individual.  Because of this I also feel that I am extremely good at interacting with young people and the public in general.  I have often helped to tutor my cousin, who is a collegiate freshman, and have also had a great deal of experience working with younger children.Likewise, I feel that I’m a gifted orator.  From as early as I can remember, I have never really felt any appreciable apprehension when called on to give a public speech.

  The number of people present really has never seemed to offer any sort of obstacle to me, mentally, and I have found that people seem to genuinely enjoy my public speaking.