Last updated: May 16, 2019
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Mission and Legacy Paper

To see myself happy and live a fulfilling and inspiring life is my primary goal as I go about my life today. Everyone would want to have a happy life, and like them, I would want to accomplish all the things that I desire, love, enjoy while I still have the time and capacity to do so. I would not want to look back at my life and feel resentment and anger that I was not able to do some of the things that I really wanted to accomplish in my life.

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Overall, I could not see any obstructions that would be a source of difficulty in my fulfilling my dreams. However, accomplishing my desires is still remotely impossible at the moment. This is for the reason that I still have a responsibility to help my father in developing his business. If I were to do so, then I would have to put my dreams on hold for the meantime. It is alright for me though because it would be the time for me to show gratitude and compassion for my father because I would not be where I am now if it were not for him, and for my family also.

When I was still young, I had many dreams that I would want to accomplish when I grow up. However, now that I am an adult, I could only think of two things that I desire to have in my life and that is to have a happy and fulfilling family life with my fiancée and to acquire a job that allows me to teach at a university. I see myself enjoying time with my children and my husband as we live in a happy home where we have harmonious relationships with each other. I also desire to be professor specializing in language and communications. This is the path that I want to choose for my career, as I believe that it would bring about self-fulfillment in my life. As the desire of fulfilling these dreams is still beyond my reach, I would want to discover other things or activities that I would love and enjoy; things that I would never regret, but instead things that I would be proud of. I want to enjoy the freedom and the opportunity to explore the things that I have not yet experienced in my life while I still can. Living in Korea for a long time, and then moving here in the United States has given me the opportunity to experience new things that I have not encountered in Korea.

The legacies that I would love to leave in this world are the moments I had experienced. I have written everything down in my journal. The experiences that I have gone through everyday of my life are all written down in text. I love remembering events in my life even it were a happy or sad moment. I really do not care as long as I learn from every situation and learn to live and love more as the days go by. I want my journal to serve as inspiration to my future family, and even friends, for I want them to learn from my experiences. I also want to share a piece of my private life with them, as it would enable me to express my love and compassion for other people. As an aspiring language and communications professors, I want to contribute in shaping the minds of my students. Making my occupation a tool in educating them, and aside from academics, teaching good values and principles that would lead to self-improvement and good character build-up, would be fulfilling and satisfying for me.

The course would help a great deal, in my accomplishing my mission in life. I have learned the value of communication, requisites for effective communication such as theories, its applications, and skills, communicating and listening, etc. Through the knowledge that I have gained in the class, I have gained necessary communication skills to converse and convey meaningfully the values, principles, and lessons that I want to teach other people. Through efficient communication, I would be able to inspire other people into accomplishing their own mission in life to achieve self-fulfillment, and in the end leave a legacy that would also make an impact in the lives of their children, partners, friends, and loved ones.