Last updated: March 28, 2019
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Mission of the Organization (Part I)

First America Guard Services (The Company) considers it imperative that we establish a greater presence in Kava. Kava is plagued with many problems, aside from suffering from frequent disasters Kava is also victim to many local socio-political problems. The Company believes that it can use these business environment threats with its strengths to create new opportunities for growth and expansion in Kava. The Company intends to make use of the apparent local disorder to market its security service. However, The Company must also study local factors which may hinder our growth in Kava.

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It is said that the best way to gauge the peace and order situation of a country is to count the number of private security guards present. The peace and order situation in Kava is on the verge of break down. There are many ethnic groups  and terrorism has become a concern. This presents The Company with a unique opportunity to secure numerous security and patrol contracts from local communities.

Kava is a melting pot of many cultures, in addition to the South Pacific tribal folk, there are Chinese, African, French, Spanish and American minorities as well. History has shown that when a country has sizable minorities there is significant ethnic strife. For example, when Yugoslavia was formed from Serbia and Bosnia the stage was set for eventual civil war between the two ethnic groups. Even when violence does not erupt different cultural groups will find it hard to trust each other and work together. For example, Canada has people English and French descent and it is only by giving the French minority considerable autonomy and local political power that the English majority is able to successful govern its French territories. At minimum the minorities prefer to deal with each as much as possible. For example, nearly every country has a ‘Chinatown’ or a community where Chinese immigrants chose to gravitate. The more interracial strife, the more likely minority groups will hire The Company to protect themselves from ‘others’

Terrorism, both local and international has begun to plague Kava as well. With the Government appearing ineffective in maintaining peace and order, The Company can offer security services and give the locals peace of mind.

Disasters are also a major concern in Kava. As a South Pacific country Kava suffers from major typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods. These cause loss of life and property on an unacceptable scale. In addition to training security personnel to be deployed in Kava for the normal security against human threats, ie robbery, murder, mugging, etc, The Company can also train prospective personnel in disaster response activities such as how to act if there is a fire or earthquake. The Company can even hold seminars for client firms on proper disaster prevention and response measures. The Company can increase profitability by offering Security Personnel who can deal with both human and natural threats to security.

However, The Company must pause and take thought of the political stability of Kava. Some Asian countries, especially politically unstable ones, are known for withdrawing investor packages at whim when political leadership changes. For example, when Thaksin Shinawata was ousted from power in Thailand many government economic policies were overturned overnight leading to considerable financial losses for foreign businesses that invested in Thailand. The Company must study the impact of political change on our existing and future contracts before investing time and money on an expansion program. Finally, The Company should also check the exchange rate of Kava currency against our home currency because rapid fluctuations in the exchange rate can hurt the firms profits.

To summarize, First America Guard Services, Inc. considers it imperative that we expand our operations in Kava. By offering customized security packages and creating synergy between our strengths and local threats we will be able to create business for ourselves and employment for Kavans.