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Mission to Mars and moon opening the frontiers of space

The moon and Mars had become the first portal man has visited since its quest to discover the endless bounds of the universe. But since then there had been limited explorations and missions to harness the new territory added into the human domain. The declaration of Pres. George W. Bush in 2004 to include Mars and the moon in its future space missions (NASA) paved the way to a new opportunity to further understand and answer a lot of questions as far as our identity and our beginnings are concerned.

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There are a lot of things the exploration to the moon can bring benefits to the scientific community and the entire world which justifies cost. A lot of studies requiring space conditions can be conducted there. It is the nearest location to do this test for human survival in space or other planets. This is affirmed by Chris Welch, a lecturer in space technology, at Kingston University, UK as reported by BBC. Aside from these, the Mars and moon mission can improve defense and security programs not only for internal threats but that of other natural satellites such as asteroid that is claimed to have changed the face of the earth once or several times in its history. Telecommunications technology can be improved further with this move by redefining and redesigning regular space communication facilities. There are just few of the possibilities and opportunities that even encouraged other nations to develop their own space program. India is one of them (Ramachadran). Russia and China is even planning future missions so as the rest of other capable nations.

The United States had been ahead in the plans and has the biggest potential but is hampered by so many criticisms from the civil society. If the same type of opposition had prevented Columbus his exploration, America could not have been discovered, or somebody else must have done it. The world is not going bigger and soon our backyards will no longer be enough. Soon we will face the reality that another place must be made available. The question is who should find it first?


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