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Being a good parent is the hardest work one ever will take up. People make mistakes in different spheres of life and raising children is not an exception. While a child we clearly see our parents’ mistakes and promise ourselves not to repeat them. Nevertheless, there comes the time when we find ourselves slipping into that same parents’ pattern behavior. There are some common mistakes we have to avoid to show the best practice as parents and rear a happy child; these are inconsistency in own deeds, failure to listen, and attempts to compensate the lack of attention with material things.


Inconsistency is one of the most common mistakes parents tend to. It is very familiar situation when in the supermarket a mother is reluctant to buy her child sweets but after some stubborn whining and begging she surrenders and puts a candy into a basket. Children have to feel that their parents are strong enough to keep the situation under control. Having said no it is very important to keep up that policy till the end. Otherwise children will learn that they posses a powerful implement for getting what they want. Next time they enter negotiation with parents they will certainly use whimper as reliable means of persuasion.

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Often parents are too busy with their routine problems and do not have time to slow up and listen to what their children have to say. Children may need to share not only their problems or air their grievances but also their impressions of a day in school, or entrust with their secrets. The ability to listen helps establish the tight family relationships. In this way the children learn that they really have someone to rely upon. Otherwise failure to listen leads to children’s detachment from family and furthers lack of understanding, known as a generation gap.


Another mistake the parents have tendency to make is the attempt to replace the parental care with material things. Feeling guilty for insufficient consideration given to children, parents try to compensate it with super entertaining vacations or toys and gadgets. Though the children may seem extremely happy with all that stuff, very often what the kids really need is some time with their parents. No matter how exotic trip the parents may offer, the offspring instead will prefer spending weekend with their mom and dad having conversation or playing together. There is nothing wrong with parents’ will to provide kids with the maximum material comfort, but it will never be a substitute for parental love.


The conclusion that follows is very simple. To rear a strong and steady individual, parents need first be strong and consistent in their decisions. It should be remembered that children are the beings that need parents’ company just the same as they need friends’. There is no such a toy in a world that may substitute parents’ warmth and care. So being considerate, ready to listen and at the same time strict is the best policy of raising children.