Last updated: April 27, 2019
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In sexually reproducing species like does not precisely beget like. Just so, Lisa born from her two parents proves that. Offspring produced by sexual reproduction generally resemble their parents more closely than they resemble unrelated individuals of the same species, but they are not identical to their parents or to each other. Rather, Lisa inherits a unique combination of genes from her two parents, and this one-and-only set of genes programs a unique combination of traits so that a great variation is reflected on Lisa.

Her fair complexion, sharp dark eyes and the love to simply stay at home and do readings, and other experimentation are credited to her mother.  In some ways, however, Lisa, like her father, has a rougher skin and tall, and like him she resembles the way her father walks and the way she brings her whole body.  Looking at her posture, it seems that the father just changed clothing and hairstyle and you can already see him in Lisa.  But unlike him, she never hits a note exactly, she always lacks half note to sing the right tune. Her timidity and silence is a reflection of her father’s character.  She is a deep thinker and would only speak when needed and necessary unlike her mom, who loves just to talk, and talk and talk.  But despite her silence, Lisa loves to welcome people in her simple abode, just like her mother.

Wonderfully, she inherited the most needful thing she ought to have, the intelligence of her parents, their humble disposition, and their love to discuss issues, like politics, religion, economics and many more under the heat of the sun.  The family simply spends most of their time talking to each other.  This is the common thing they find among them.

But amazingly, her dimples are from a distant relative, neither dad nor mom has them.  Both are just plain, except for the sharp dark eyes of the mother.

Here Lisa, in some ways resembles her mother, but in another way resembles her father.  The same sort of similarities and differences can be found in your own family and relatives.  Here one can see that individuals of sexually reproducing species are highly varied.