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From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler was written by E. L. Konigsburg. This story was set in the late 1960’s. It took place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ney York City and at to house of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler was in Farmington, Connecticut. Claudia Kincaid was an 11 year old girl who was planning to run away. She planned to take her younger brother Jamie because he had a transistor radio and he was rich with twenty-four dollars and forty-three cents to take them to Ney York and back. Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler told the story she also knew about the secret about “Angle” the work of Michelangelo. On the bus ride up to New York was a little uncomfortable for being crouched for so long. When they got to the Metropolitan Museum of Art they knew that the guard hole punched people going in to the museum but not coming out. When it was closing time they went to the bathroom to hide in a stall so the workers didn’t catch them, they left the stall cracked open so it wasn’t obvious to them. When the museum was closed they snuck out of the bathroom and wandered back into the French and English furniture.

Leave it up to Claudia to pick the most elegant place in the world to hide. She wanted to sit on the chair made from Marie Antoinette or at least a writing table. But signs everywhere said not to step on the platforms. Claudia had always known she was meant for nice things. Jamie, on the other hand thought that running away from home and sleeping in a bed again was not challenge at all. Jamie would rather sleep on the floor at least he thought it was right. Claudia pulled Jamie and told him to read the card on the platform. Jamie read “Please do not step on platform”.

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Claudia knew that he was being difficult. So she read for him “State bed—scene of the murder of Amy Robsart”. When they woke up they knew the museum was about to open and they had to get to the stall where they hid. When it opened they got out of the bathroom and started to walk and learn about where they were staying and its’ history. They went to a little dinner and had breakfast. When they were walking around they discovered Angle so they researched her and found out she was the work of Michelangelo but they weren’t shore if it was the work of Michelangelo.

Later they went to take a bath and discovered bumps at the bottom of the fountain they put their hands at the bottom and they found money and when Claudia said “If we ever run out of money we can just take a bath. They next clue of Angle was when the workers moved it they found on the platform that there was a clue that Michelangelo had done the statue of Angle. Then they wrote a note to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to tell them that they had found a symbol of Michelangelo’s work.

So they rented a mail box at the post office in Grand Central Terminal but when they waited and got the note from the Metropolitan Museum of Art they weren’t got, and they were not happy with what they got. It’s’ like they got no information. They found out who sold Angle to the museum it was Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler they have heard about her before. So they took a train, then a taxi to her house in Farmington, Connection. They asked if they could come in and talk to her about something her butler told them to wait so they did for about one-moment and one-moment later Parks the butler answers “Mrs. Frankweiler doesn’t know you”. “What is the nature of your business” both hesitated Jamie replied “for the information on the Italian Renaissance”. Parks was gone for a full 10 minutes he came back and said “Fallow me”, and they did. They were talking to Mrs. Frankweiler for quite some time. Then she said you have only one hour, begin. So they rushed through the files and then Claudia said “STOP”, then she made a list of places and people evens and odds. They look through every file and Claudia said “Think Jamie think. What else can we look up? ” Jamie squinted his eyes and says “Look him up under”.

What kind of language is that? Look him up under…” “Oh boloney, Claude. Why do you always pick on my gra…? ” “Boloney, boloney! BOLOGNA, ITALY is the files name! So they looked under the name and found that Angle was the work of Michelangelo. They finally figured it out! My favorite part was when they took a bath and found money that was so funny. I would only change that Saxonberg told Claudia and Jamie that they were his granddaughter, and grandson. I would change it to my mom, dad, and all my friends who don’t go to St. Johns, because it was an awesome story to read funny too.