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‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ is based on two eight saloon subjects. A and B. Theme A is based on a chord sequence of A child. E minor. G major and D major. Subject B has two different types. ‘Bx’ and ‘By’ . Theme Bx has a repeated two saloon phrase and the chord form is C major. A minor. C major. A minor. Subject By besides has a repeated two saloon phrase and the chord sequence is F major. C major. F major. C major. This is much more positive and uplifting in contrast to Bx. The overall construction is verse and chorus. with A being the poetry and B being the chorus subdivisions. Tune

The piano tune of the vocal is really insistent and lone varies when it becomes more syncopated at A5 ( 1:19 ) . The vocal tune for the line ‘Why does my bosom experience so bad’ ascends and so descends. reflecting a person’s tone in a inquiry and reply. There is besides a counter tune provided by the synth strings and piano. which engages in call and response with the chief vocal tune at A6. Rhythm

The clip signature for this vocal is 4 hook beats in every saloon. nevertheless most of the notes are quavers and sixteenth notes. The Latin American beat was influential on American dance music as Latino civilization was outstanding in America at the clip. Harmony

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The harmoniousness of the poetries is really insistent and uses a sequence of A minor x2. E minor x2. G major x2 and D major x2. as shown at A1. The harmoniousness of the chorus. nevertheless uses the chords of C major and A minor twice. so F major. C major twice. to make a feeling of elating to attach to the wordss: ‘These unfastened doors’ . Both samples have a new harmoniousness after every 2 bars. The Harmony is regular. rhythmic and brooding. Key

The key of the path is more average than diatonic and is really predictable. C major goes to its comparative child. A. The patterns moves in a sequence of down a 4th. up a 3rd. so down a 3rdand although there is no cardinal signature. A minor characteristics conspicuously. The chorus is C major and the major feel to the chorus is really noticeable to the hearer.

Music Technology Moby uses a assortment of different proficient effects to the path and although the path was recorded 13 old ages ago. much of the engineering he used is still being used by creative persons today. The vocal samples he used were from 1950s Gospel choirs and the wordss were manipulated by Moby. for illustration. the wordss ‘Why does my bosom experience so bad/Why does my psyche feel so bad’ were really ‘When I should experience so sad/Why does my psyche feel so glad’ in the original recording. Moby changed the word ‘glad’ to ‘bad’ to do the vocal about hurt alternatively of felicity. Moby uses EQ ( Equaliser ) in poetry 2 ( A6 ) and applies it to the vocal sample for the ‘telephone voice’ consequence where the bass and soprano frequences are cut to emphasis the in-between scope making a thin sound. Moby besides uses a digital hold at A6 to make an reverberation.