Last updated: September 28, 2019
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With the coming of industralisation and modern engineering. people’s life criterions have been promoted to a new degree. People’s life has become more convinient and advanced due to the debut of different modern innovations such as Internet. public conveyance. globalization and so on. However. it causes negative effects at the same clip. From my position.

the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.Modern innovations have brought approximately more benefits than we expected. Firstly. cyberspace enables people to hold entree to abundant resources and it has been widely used in different facets such as instruction. For case. every pupil has different rational capacity. Therefore intellient pupils possibly tied to a slow progress in their survey due to others’ incapacity of understanding.

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In this manner. pupils could come on in their aquisition of cognition at their ain gait utilizing computing machine instead than larning from instructors.Second. public conveyance has made people’s day-to-day life really convinient. Compared with the old clip while people took yearss to go from one topographic point to another. it merely takes few hours for people to make their finish by public conveyance. Third.

globalization is now playing a polar function in the development of economic system and engineering. It non merely promotes civilization exchange between different states. but besides enables people worldwide acquire to cognize each other better.On the other manus. environment has been negatively affected as a consequence of the inordinate geographic expedition of natural rescources. Air pollution. noise pollution. H2O pollution in industrial procedure and so on is deteriorating our planet on a day-to-day footing.

In add-on to that. people are now populating a sedentary life style due to the convinient public conveyance and usage of cyberspace. They do non hold to take one measure outside their room to acquire everything done by computing machine. Consequently. they will acquire bosom diseases. fleshiness that is normally seen nowdays.

Moreoever. civilization assimilation caused by globalization is going more and more apparent with clip.In decision. the benefits outwiegh its downsides and we should go on to advance modern innovations. In the interim. the authorities should happen antagonistic steps to turn to these jobs mentioned and get the better of its difficiencies.