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The book Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers is a story about the obstacles that Bella, a human, and Edward, a vampire, must overcome to finally reach their “forever”. In the beginning of the story, Bella and Edward get married and have their honeymoon on a private island. After about two weeks there, Bella discovers that she is pregnant. The half vampire, half human baby weakens Bella greatly in just a mater of weeks. When the time comes for Bella to give it birth, it will have already left her close to dead.

The only way for Bella to survive would be transforming her into a vampire, and that is what Edward does. Bella gives birth to a baby girl, Renesmee, and Jacob imprints on her. All seems well until Irina, another vampire, sees Renesmee from a distance and mistakes her for an “immortal child”, a baby changed into a vampire, which was illegal in the vampire world. Irina goes and informs the Volturi, the “rulers” of all vampires. Because of the severe crime the Volturi think the Cullens have committed, they plan to go kill them without a trial.

This, along with other along with the other unexpected events that occur throughout the story makes the reader anxious about what will happen next. Thus, Meyers uses various elements of literature to create a suspenseful mood in her story. One way Meyers reveals the mood of suspense is through the story’s plot. One main conflict of the book is Bella becoming pregnant. The baby inside of her is half vampire and because of that, it is unusually strong just like any other vampire. The baby also grows inside of her at an abnormally quick rate. “The baby [was] kicking my ribs apart, breaking her way through me, piece by piece.. (376). The baby is literally ripping Bella apart because of its rapid growth rate combined with its strength. It is becoming very big and it has no room inside of her. Bella is only human and too weak to carry such a strong baby. Soon, it will have chewed its way out of her, leaving her dead. The only way to save her would be turning her into a vampire right after she gave birth, but only if she could live for that long. This builds tension in the story because the reader is apprehensive about whether Bella is strong enough to survive the pregnancy or not.

The suspense continues throughout the story. Another literary element that is used in the story is irony. Meyers uses situational irony to contribute to the suspenseful mood. For example, in the story, Jacob, who is a werewolf, imprints on, or permanently falls in love with Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s daughter. This is very ironic because Jacob had always been in love with Bella. “My heart thudded a strange, broken meter.. every time I saw her soft, pale peach skin, her eyes a soft chocolate brown.. ”(171).

Bella had always been torn between her love for Jacob and Edward, and she hated herself for the pain it caused Jacob when she chose Edward over him. Jacob had suffered for so long, and is expected to continue to do so until he eventually overcame it. Jacob imprinting on Renesmee is also very surprising because while Bella was pregnant with her, Jacob hated the baby because “whatever was inside of her was a monster. Just like its father.. ” The reader expects Jacob to hate Renesmee for almost killing Bella, but instead he imprints on her.

This makes the reader curious as to how it will affect Jacob and Bella’s relationship and it creates suspense as the reader wonders whether Bella will resent Jacob or accept the fact and move on. The last way Meyers develops the mood is through her use of imagery. She uses imagery when Bella describes the appearance of the Volturi. The Volturi come because they fall under the misconception that Renesmee is an immortal child. In the vampire world, turning a child into a vampire is a very severe crime because of the dangers the child causes.

Because Alice can predict the future, she sees the Volturi coming beforehand. This gives the Cullens time to get together other vampires to act as witnesses so they can at least get the Volturi to stop and listen to their explanation. However, when the Volturi arrive, Bella describes them as “.. and angry mob, whipped to a frenzy and slavering for justice.. ”(681). This makes the mood at this point in the story suspenseful. The reader is already anxious for the Cullens and their fate, and hearing that the Volturi were an “angry mob” makes the reader even more fearful about what will happen to them.

Since the Volturi are in such a rage, it builds up tension as to whether they will stop and listen to the Cullens’ side of the story, or attack them without any chance for them to explain. Various literary devices and many unexpected twists in Breaking Dawn help develop the mood of suspense in the story. Bella and Edward face many challenges, but through the choices that Bella makes to overcome these obstacles, the reader is reminded that true love requires sacrifice on all parts.

When Bella decides to marry Edward, she sacrifices never seeing her family and friends again. Later on in the story, she risks her life so that she can give birth to her child. She then sacrifices her mortality to become a vampire so she can spend the rest of eternity with the man she truly loves. People who have experienced such love in their lives can probably relate to Bella in some sense in that they have given up things for people they love also. Love can be expressed in a variety of ways, and Stephanie Meyers shows that in Breaking Dawn.