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MORAL DETERIORATION OF YOUNGER GENERATION OF INDIA: A FOCUSSING IssueDr. G. Vasudevaiah*Dr. G. Vidya Sagar Reddy**AbstractionThedegree Fahrenheituture of any state depends on its youth’s attitudes and aspirations. Unfortunately, young person in India is acquiring passionate towards force, drug dependence and other societal immoralities and deficiency of regard towards universe around them.

We ourselves are to be blamed for this sort of ambiance in our society. Our bing environment including household system, instruction system and media including newspapers, T.V. etc is showing them a skewed image. Youth see that work forces with values are enduring in life. They care merely approximately end consequences and give no importance to ‘means’ .

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Therefore, it is really much necessity and a responsibility of everybody to happen out the solution of this dictatorship to set up India in the universe of peace and Harmony.Cardinal words:moral, passionate, debasement, societal immoralities, young person.IntroductionYouth constitute an of import section of society.

Yet, non much attending was paid to them until the sixtiess. Moral debasement of young person is an of import job of modern-day India, although its seed was rooted in long yesteryear. At that clip, the job was non every bit acute as it is found in today ‘s India. There are so many grounds of moral debasement among which realisation of societal values has been playing a, important function. In add-on, ongoing societal jobs have important imprint in increasing moral debasement of young person with transition of clip and infinite.

In past societal organisation of the so society played responsible function in bordering and implementing value based moral duties. But society at nowadays has been sing struggle sing value-based moral debasement peculiarly of young person and in world it can non be denied that there is no political orientation in the society which can convey them a value-based support. Therefore, moral______________________________________________________________________________*Teaching Personnel, ** Head & A ; Associate Professor, Dept. of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension, S.

K.University, Anantapuramu, ( A.P ) .debasement is being complex bit by bit and demands docket of treatment.

There is no opportunity for today ‘s young person to recognize nationalism or patriotism by which regard to others every bit good as egos regard may be developed. History reveals that, youth played important part in societal development. The motion for Indian freedom, the motion for Italian freedom etc. bears the taking function in this respect. Apart from this, there was important function of young person in set uping peace doing procedure of Eastern Europe. But unluckily, it has to be mentioned that today ‘s young person despite belonging to different political organisations ne’er follow their ain political orientation, side by side, the political parties motivate them to make force and panic in topographic points to carry through their involvement. This has straight been conveying both moral debasement of young person and societal impairment every bit good.

Concept OF MORALITYSpecifying the term “moral/morality” has been controversial and problematic among bookmans. Moral impairment is sometimes referred to as moral decay/decline/erosion and can easy be explained by mentioning to behaviours associated to it. The word ‘Morality ‘ has been derived from the Latin word “moralities” means proper behaviour. Hence it is a sense of behaviour that separates two facets good and bad. In this survey, morality refers two cultural values and moralss those are right or incorrect, in corporate sense, which may be comparative but there is a basal line below which morality degrades and above which morality upheavals. Thus morality depends upon a host of factors runing from self-induced to superpose. As stated earlier there are so many political orientations, the proper application of which may take to corporate development. Similarly the development of that consequence behavioural upsets.

Freud, Kohlberg, & A ; Piaget as cited in Santrock ( 2005 ) explicate moral development as extremely influenced by equals ( give-and-take dealingss ) , parents and civilization. For case, Gibbs ( ibid ) emphasis that parents’ moral values act upon children’s developing moral ideas.Moral development takes topographic point in the so called moral contexts ( Santrock, 2005 ) . The contexts include school, household ( rearing ) and faith. It is within the contexts where moral values of what is right and incorrect are learned by kids.

DECLINE OF MORAL VALUESDecline in moral values is a planetary phenomenon. In the glamourous universe of consumerism, the race for limitless accretion is formidable ; therefore moral values are by and large given a short shrift. Ends alone affair most and agencies are free-for-all. The disregard of pureness and morality in the agencies adopted necessarily leads to foster autumn in moral suppressions.

Moral and ethical values are linked with pureness. Humanist values upheld by an person are a combination of moral, ethical and religious qualities acquired.The rise of force is phenomenal in these yearss of economic and material development. Economic involvements that lurk behind policies and perceptual experiences lead to military actions against states ensuing in wretchedness to kids, female parents, seniors and everyone. Education is non the lone sector that can take duty of the ailment make of the young person, but it can take major portion of the duty.

Most of the policy preparations take merely a partial position of economic and mercenary development which is considered synonymous with advancement. Such a stance encourages violent behaviour. The realisation that force must be checked by all agencies seems to hold dawned upon educational policy shapers globally. We are frequently coming across the nomenclature ‘peace education’ used by international bureaus. Fixing kids to internalise the strength of non force is now on the docket of schools and establishments of higher acquisition globally.Who are the icons of the young person today? The work forces of character were the icons of the past coevals.

These icons suffered for the human race. The icons of the young person today are movie stars and athleticss individuals. The manner we present Indian history, heritage, and civilization to our young person leaves much to be refined, modified and updated.

The great part made to the growing of universe civilisation by ancient India is yet to be explored to the full and projected onto those who intentionally attempt to disregard and falsify these facts. Such attempts must get down from the establishments that train instructors and must widen to schools and colleges through inservice and specific orientation programmes at the earliest. The immature of India must internalise a sense of pride in their ascendants.

CAUSES OF MORAL DETERIORATIONWe can explicate so many causes for moral impairment in our Indian society. Some of those causes are as follows -1. Unhealthy atmosphere in households2.

Passionate about alteration3. Political ambiance4. Modernization5. Materialistic growing6. Lack of proper instruction system and so onHARSH REALITIES OF YOUTH MORAL DETERIORATIONIt can non be denied that the younger coevals is most apt to the influence coming from outside and they are most sentimental excessively. Therefore, if they become down or choler, force and badness in mortality take topographic point. As stated earlier, several factors are responsible foraffecting them into irrational and unwanted activities which can breakdown society ‘s harmoniousness every bit good as national integrating e.

g. ragging or anguish leads to decease or self-destruction of a ragged or tortured one, organized offenses give birth to underworld Mafia. Therefore, societal protests create isolation and finally terrorist act. Political differences generate segregation. Political agitation grows youth unrest and accordingly regional tenseness goes up. Inter distance between young person additions there is deficiency of assurance due to employment crisis, faulty instruction system of our state leads to increases the instructor torment by the pupils. Social values are uprooted by get downing antisocial activities.

Regional motion, struggle, prejudice, hostility, etc. take prima function over all down autumn of the society. We are Indian, our purposes to make the highest place of the state both economic and socio-politically and that was really much depend over the manus of young person coevals. But today ‘s Indian young persons are socially diverted through different immoral activities that are the important jobs of the Indian millenary development ends.SOME STRATEGIES TO REDUCE THE MORAL DETERIORATION OF YOUTHSo, it is a high clip to believe the full sociologist that how to get the better of such emergingmenace to the society of our state, to increase the societal harmoniousness and national integrating thefollowing hints are singular.1.

The household should be organized in such a manner so that both tradition and alteration are at the same time maintained.2. Parents should take attention about their kids so that they are non diverted.3. Social organisations should concentrate on value based moral character of the society andconsequently stairss have to be taken to form common people irrespective of age.4.

Value based instruction should be incorporated within the bing system of instruction as mandatory affair.5. Political organisations have to be couscous about their activities peculiarly by young person.6.

Economic stableness, employment and anti-depressive substructure should be provided every bit much as possible to the younger coevals of society.7. Precedence should be given to the young person of developing and likely agitation prone country while doing and implementing policies and developmental schemes.

8. NGOs, and other voluntary associations have to be strengthen to co- operate young person to conveystableness among them and proper planning has to be introduced and implemented consequently.9.

Media should take duty to televise value based programmes through their media channels.DecisionIn the recent old ages, there have been uninterrupted and extremist alterations in the field of behaviour and values of young person which reflect of import and high regard in the society where they live, if decently maintained and applied. Thus value based instruction is indispensable to cut down the moral debasement of young person to convey orderly sequence, security and advancement of the young person with society. These feelings determine the positive behaviour to a given state of affairs, which finally build the character, both separately and jointly.

Therefore, the jobs related to human value should be reestablished in a long permanent manner so that moral debasement of young person in peculiar and society in general is checked.1