Last updated: February 21, 2019
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My most moral lesson as a child

What is a childhood dream? A life that parents love and cherish you, they want the very best for you and they work hard to help you through those hard times. What did I get as a child? I had two parents that were both Alcoholics and Drug users, this was not exactly your dream home at all, however many lessons were learned and many morals gained.

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My childhood days consisted of no money and bad parents, this caused me to really understand and respect the value of money, with parents that had nothing you learned to really value those things that did come into your life. This caused me to really appreciate those things that I later in life could afford myself, I take every opportunity with my children to make sure they understand and respect everything they get, because life can be extremely difficult with nothing at times.

Alcoholics is what was in my household and with that you got parents that hit and yelled at there children often, this caused my to learn at a very young stage that self control is very important and staying away from alcohol is a self control that everybody can control if they put a good effort into it, however my parents made a bad decision and elected to continue to drink and party which left my Dad dead at the age of 47 and out of 6 children none of them really concerned about his death, this was only caused by his decision making process and lack of self control.

Drugs were a common thing to see in my household, either used or dealt in front of the children, this was a quick lesson that I learned after seeing my father go to prison and one of my brothers now is serving a prison sentence for murder, why? Because of drugs – what moral lesson can you learn from this? It is all online with the words I used when talking about alcoholism, “Self-Control” everybody must have it and when you deal with the lifestyle that I got handed to myself you quickly learn to make decisions on your own and ultimately you will be responsible for those decisions that you elect to make, you might not see it at the time, however the old saying everything catches up to you, it does. As you can see my father and brother both made decisions based on a lack of self-control and now they both paid a large price for it.

I’m blessed with the things that I have in my life now, my wife and children are everything to me and I think it is because I learned and watched a great deal of hate within my childhood household.