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The article rises the issue of the Moroccan Sahara called sometimes the ‘Western Sahara’ due to the fact that the Polizario Front has been claiming its independance from the Moroccan Kingdom . The Polizario Front is a Sahrawi rebel liberation movement working for the full independance of the Sahara from the Moroccan sovereignty. The World Polisario stands for the Popular Front of liberation of Saguia Al Hamra and Wadi Dahab, where these are two Sahrawi cities that were colonilized by Spain.

This issue issue would be best triggered using the domestic level of analysis. The articles says that the UN has been calling both parts, the Polisario Front and the Moroccan government’s representatives, for a talk in order to negociate a resolution for the conflict. It is a conflict of interest that can be summarized as the following : Morocco suggest for the Saharian territory to be self-ruled but reamaining under its sovereignty while Polisario are seeking the full independence of the Sahara.

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This conflict lasted for three decades as stated in the articles. Polizario claims the full independance of the south part of the Kingdom, which threats the territorial integrity for Morocco. This is a clear case of a prospective fragmentation of a state’s territories. Polizario wants the Sahara to have its own leader, its own constitution and own government. However few countries recognized the so called state ‘Western Sahara’, and neither Polizario nor its allying coutries (Spanish and Algeria) did succeed in fragmenting the Kingdom into two states.

The situatoin in the Sahara is a form od anarchy because Morocco lost control over that region, or rather Morocco didn’t succeed in gaining full control after Spain left the Sahara. The issue of Morocco not having full control over this region is due to the fact that Algeria is involved in empowring the Polisario financially. Polisario is committing human crimes as for the people sequestered in its camps. Polizario is creating a form of anarchy that may benefit for it.