Most of you know the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend”, I know it’s a common saying, but in my opinion, I believe that there is some truth to this. While owning a dog has its disadvantages (training, cost) the benefit (the bond, unconditional love) totally outweighs because humans have a natural need for interaction as well as dogs. The advantages of having a dog could be wonderfully endless, from being as simple as a friend to helping people that are in rehabs or even helping the disabled with whatever they need.

The relationship between dog and human goes back thousands of years ago. One of the reasons a dog is a great companion is because they are very loyal and willing to protect their masters at all costs. We will never know why dogs have the need to protect people, but because of them we are very fortunate. It doesn’t matter if you’re too busy, homeless, or even mean to your pet, they will love you unconditionally, that means in any condition.

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In the end, dogs just want to be loved. When we give our dogs the love they want, loyalty is just one of the many ways they love us back.Some benefits and facts that dogs are also used for; can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress levels of a recovering addict. As well as, reduce anxiety and frustration. Rehabilitation centers partner up with service animal organizations to bring dogs and cats in to interact with the patients so they don’t feel a sense of loneliness. In fact,  because recovering addicts spend time talking to and playing with a therapy animal, addicts transformed from selfish to selfless, unfriendly to friendly, and incapable to love to capable to love again.            Lastly, have you ever seen a blind person with a dog, or a disabled person with a dog? Those dogs are called service dogs. Service dogs have helped out tremendously; providing psychological and physical stability for patients.

The first service dog heard of, goes by the name Buddy, the guide-dog of Frank Morris in 1929. Frank Morris is the founder of the first guide-dog school, teaching dogs how to become an assistance for the disabled. Guide-dogs naturally know when their owner is feeling upset, and all it takes is a gentle snuggle from them and it puts their owners mind at ease. Service dogs not only help you out physically, but they are there for you emotionally, and for instance, they provide a sense of security, confidence, and companionship. These service dogs have saved humans from fires, vehicle accidents and many other types of disasters. Without service dogs, many people with a disability might find it too challenging to do life without them.            In conclusion, Dogs are just a cherry on top of this thing called life! They make everything 10 times better, they have abilities that we don’t, all they have to offer is their unconditional love and kindness, as well as many heath benefits.

  They are the definition of a true friend! Start thinking about getting one of these, I guarantee you will not regret it.