Honourable Judges, respected Teachers, and all my dear friends, Good morning to all.  The topic of my speech is about Mother. Mother is the embodiment of love. Mothers love cannot be compared with any other love in this universe which is most unconditional and unalloyed. The first thing a child utters after coming out of the womb is ‘Ma’, which in fact is uttered by every child born on earth irrespective of the languages spoken. Such is the power of mother. She is most possessive about her child, compassionate and most loving. Mother does not expect anything from her child in return for whatever she does.

That is why mother’s love is described as “unconditional and unalloyed”. The children cannot return the debt they owe to their mother, as her gigantic task of bringing up the child from the day one is a Herculean one. The mother has to perform innumerable chores in the house, like prepare the child to go to school, provide them food etc. helping them do their homework etc. Children should not cause any trouble to their mother. Parents bring them up with great expectations.

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Children should develop the understanding that they have made progress in life only due to the sacrifice of their mother and hence should show gratitude to her. Howsoever great may be the difficulties that mother has to undergo she hide them from the children in order to make them happy. In such conditions if the children cause even a little trouble to their mother she will be totally dejected. The children have to earn the blessing of their mother, so that would scale great height in their life.

Mother’s task in bringing up the child is infinite and hence should be treated equal to God by their children. The children have to set their life on a course that gives happiness to the mother Good children always respect their mother in words and deeds. Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln is and example, as he was always very obedient and even in great difficulties never wavered from the teachings of his mother. Rest is history and we all know about his life. If we take example of great leaders and scholars, we would find it was the mother who moulded them

So, I would end up my speech to request all my fellow class mates please do not use harsh words on your mother or make upset, as it is our duty to give her back the love she gave us in abundance although we would never be able to give fraction of what our mother has given us. As in every religious text it is very well recorded that children have a duty to pay rent to their parents. I hope it is well understood by all. I hope all mother on earth receive love and happiness from their children which they deserve.