Mother Teresa she was an amazinghumanitarian to the people, to the poor and to the orphans in India. She helpedso many people and this is one of the main reasons why she received a Nobel peaceprize in 1979. She was born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on Skopje Macedonia. Shewas born on august 26 in 1910. At the age of 12 she felt god calling her forhis ministry. She felt He was calling her to be a missionary for Him to go andspread the love of Christ to everyone in the world. Then when she turned 18 sheleft her home and went to Ireland to join a sisterhood.

It was called thesisters of Loreto. The only reason she moved to Ireland was to learn Englishbefore she went to India to help the people there. She dedicated herself andbecame a nun at 18 in 1928 and she changed her name to Teresa. Then she went toIndia to work as teacher in St. Mary’s High School. This is where she becameSister Teresa and where she finally began her work to help the people of India,and in 1937 she took her final vows and became Mother Teresa. Soon she worked her way up and became theprincipal of the school. Even though the school was near the slums the peoplewho went to school were quite wealthy.

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She realized this and she called it a”call within a call”, she felt she had to leave what she was doing atthat point in time so she could go and work with the poor people. She asked thepope in 1948 and she received permission to begin working directly with thepoor and start her new work with the guidance of the archbishop of Calcutta. Thisis one of the reasons why she received a Nobel Prize; she kept helping people. Shegave her entire life to help people and she kept doing more and more as herlife went on. She felt the call to go to the slums and help them.

She felt astrong pull to help the poor, especially the children. This caused her to openher first orphanage in India. Continuing her work for many years with the poorshe realized that these poor people lacked a lot of essential needs. Such ashospitals when they are sick.

So in thought of this she began to tend to theirsicknesses which lead her to set up her charity the Missionaries of Charities. Andshe kept working till she got her Nobel peace prize and she continued to keep workingafterwards as well. She never worked to get the prize, but only, did it to lenda hand.This is the beginning of herjourney to receive her Nobel Peace Prize. The definition of a humanitarian issomeone who goes out of their way to help people. To help them and their lackof human needs. She was a humanitarian for the people of India.

First she feltshe was being called by God to work for the kids in India. She had heard of thereports of India in her teenage years and she felt she was being called. So sheleft everything she had and went to Ireland and then to India. You can see howmuch she sacrificed to go help the people in India. It’s a very notable andrespectful feat. She gave up so much to help them, this is one of the reasonswhy she received a Nobel peace prize, because of her dedication to the poorhelping them. This was one action she did, that lead to her reciveing her prize.

1)”God gave me the ‘call within a call’ to satiate the thirst of Jesus byserving Him in the poorest of the poor”. It’s a great thing to leaveeverything that you are comfortable with and step out of your comfort zone. She left her good position in the comfort ofworking in the high school and she went and worked in the slums helping people.She didn’t have many possessions but she still worked giving her all to thepeople. She helped the poor in the slums by providing them with a lot ofmedical attention as they could not go to hospitals. Mother Teresa’s onlydesire was to help people in any way she could. She wanted to just help andfollow God’s calling to her.

2)”God is calling me—unworthy and sinful that Iam. I am longing to give all for souls. They will all think me mad—after somany years—to begin a thing which will bring me for the most part onlysuffering”.       1) Mother Teresa, Page 40, Come Be MyLight2)Mother Teresa, Page 51, Come Be My LightOnetime she was going to Australia and she fell out of bed hurting her arm so badthat the bone was poking out of her arm.

The doctor had declared she could notbe allowed to travel but mother Teresa did not accept it. She insisted on goingso she convinced the doctor to wrap her arm up as best as he could so she couldstill travel, continue her calling and duties. This just shows how sacrificingshe is to the people to risk her health to keep aiding them. This is a verynoble feat and extremely respectable.3) “A doctor told her she should nottravel, but she insisted on doing so. He therefore strapped her up in expensivebandages. The bandages, however, impeded her more than the injury.

They weresubsequently removed and she managed to continue— with a smile.” This justshows how caring she was to put her duties in front of her own health so shecould help people. This is definitely a featureof a person who was worthy of receiving a Nobel peace prize. Mother Teresa waskind soul who kept on helping people through her entire lifetime.

She knew thepeople of Calcutta and the slums didn’t need anyone’s pity. She doesn’t wantthe people to pity them. She knows what they need, they only need love andcompassion as she puts it. All she does for them is help them and show themlove and not be pitiful of them.

Footnote; Mother Teresa an AuthorizedBiography; page 195, “the sick and suffering don’t need pity and sympathy; theyneed love and compassion”.Even in the moment that shereceived the prestigious reward she was still humbled about getting the Nobelpeace prize, even though it is a huge honor and an amazing achievement in anyone’slife. As she received it she continued to say during her acceptance speech, shehopes that people will be inspired by this.

She wants people to understand, thatwe all must show love to everyone rich or poor, man or woman, child or elder,that everyone deserves to be loved. 3)Kathyrn Spink, Page 182, Mother Teresa An Authorized Biography4)Mother Teresa, Page 195, Mother Teresa An Authorized Biography Thiswas her message, that we must show love to everyone just like how Jesus didwhen he was on the earth. Footnote; Mother Teresa’s Nobel Peace understandinglove between the rich and poor. And this is what Jesus has insisted so muchthat is why Jesus came to earth, to proclaim the good news to the poor.” We can see how much of a humanitarian she was.As well as why mother Teresa received a Nobel peace prize. She was an amazinghumanitarian helping the poor of India and sacrificing so much of herself andher life to help them.

She never looked after herself first, other people wereher first priority, she put them above. She never asked for anything she didall of this for the people out of her own kindness to just help them. Even attimes where she was hurt or sick or she did not have the ability to continueaccording to different situations. She kept on helping, listening to her callthat she got from God. She did not question but she only followed it.

Whichbenefitted so many people in the world. These are the reasons why mother Teresareceived a Nobel peace prize in 1979 because of her actions. Her kindness,generosity and willingness to help greatly impacted the world. She is one ofthe greatest humanitarians to have existed.