Integrity is honor to oneself which usually means doing the right thing and is similar to morals, a conscience, and principles. People can have different morals from their religion or the way they were raised but everyone’s principles are usually very similar. Some can keep their integrity by volunteering or donating. Overall, integrity is when someone knows they’re ethically doing the right thing which usually makes them feel good and raises self-esteem. 2.Howard Campbell compromises his integrity by showing how he was helping America during the war. He does so by putting himself into trial to show that he is innocent. When Howard feels that he has done everything possible with his life he tells Doctor Abraham Epstein that, “l want to be tried for my crimes against humanity’ (Opponent 254).

3. Kurt Opponent is trying to show that people are known for only their actions. This is true because others can only see what’s happening on the outside and don’t know the thought process of someone’s actions.

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For example, Howard Campbell was a spy for the Americans and was known for killing millions of Germans. This was how he was remembered but others don’t know the whole story behind Howard Campbell and how he actually helped America and lost his wife doing so. 4. Kurt Opponent uses literary devices in Mother Night to show meaning and help the reader better understand the novel.

Howard Campbell wants to end his “endless game of hide-and-seek” (Opponent 24). This quote shows that Campbell is sick of hiding and wants a normal life and to stop pretending to be someone.Kraft feels bad for Campbell and rages at the government and says, “This man you’ve been spitting on is a hero! ” (Opponent 55). Kraft is saying that the government is treating Campbell very poorly even though Campbell was helping the government during the war. When Doctor Epstein was helping Campbell he, “like a friendly robot, lead him inside” (Opponent 256).

Campbell feels that the only thing in his life he needs to do is to prove his innocence. All of these quotes show that Howard pretended to be the wrong person which led to being accused of aNazi war criminal, the loss his wife, and his death. 5. Howard Campbell is an American that worked with a radio station for Nazi propaganda. He was secretly hired by the American government to send discreet messages through his broadcasts that gave Americans inside information about the Nazis. Even though he was actually working for the Americans, Campbell was still known as a Nazi war criminal.

Eventually, he is able to Justify his actions to himself and believe that he is still an American. The only thing he is certain about is his undying love for Helga, even after she passed away. . Howard Campbell didn’t struggle with his acceptance of the propaganda Job because he knew he was giving important information to the Americans about the Germans and Nazis and knew that his wife, Helga, wouldn’t love Howard any less. He taught himself to not feel guilty because of this. During the trials By ramps of Nazi war criminals his feelings about the war changed because he didn’t want to be remembered as a fugitive. Instead, he wanted to show that he was helping the Americans to prove his innocence.