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Drunk drive is a job particularly for teens. because of equal force per unit area and some people feel that it is a amusing scenario when they let a rummy driver take control of a vehicle. but they don’t recognize the danger they are acquiring into. Many adolescents drink because they think it makes them cooler and non all are cognizant of the affects of rummy drive. Some adolescents besides think they have the ability of being unbeatable when it comes to acquiring behind the wheel and they don’t realize they are intoxicated because of ‘teen invincibility’ . they do non recognize they are non merely seting themselves in danger. but others every bit good.

It is really unsafe when person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence. The force per unit areas of being a adolescent and seeking to be popular or cool dramas a big function on why intoxicated drive is a job particularly for teens. Separate One: Identifying the Issue Statistics from research sing adolescent clang rates: One out of 10 kids ages 12 and 13 utilizations alcohol at least one time a month. In a individual twelvemonth. 522 kids under age 14 were arrested for driving while intoxicated. ( 113 of them were under 10 old ages old ) . 70 per centum of all adolescents drink intoxicant.

60 per centum of all adolescent deceases in auto accidents are alcohol-related. Every 22 proceedingss person dies in an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident. • Car clangs are the figure one cause of adolescent deceases in the U. S. • Drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are four times more likely to decease in a clang than drivers between the ages of 25 and 69. Teenss have the highest opportunity of holding a fatal clang within the first six months of acquiring their driver’s licence. • 2. 739 adolescents died in auto accidents in the United States during 2008.

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• Teen drivers were involved in 12 % of all fatal clangs reported to the constabulary. • Males are twice every bit likely as females to be killed in a clang while they’re adolescents. • 37 % of male drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 were rushing at the clip of a fatal clang. • 55 % of teens killed in auto clangs were non utilizing their place belts. • 31 % of teens drivers were imbibing intoxicant at the clip of their decease. • Adolescent drivers were involved in 63 % of adolescent rider deceases and 19 % of rider deceases of all ages in fatal accidents.

• 53 % of adolescent deceases in fatal accidents occurred on the weekends and 41 % occurred between 9 autopsies and 6 am. 5. 864 fatal accidents involved adolescent drivers in 2008. This figure is higher than the old 1 because the adolescent driver frequently has to populate with the guilt of doing person else’s decease. How is one organisation or group seeking to work out this job? One organisation seeking to work out this job is S. A. D. D. S. A. D. D. is an organisation seeking to work out the rummy drive job by holding presentations to inform pupils why they should non imbibe and how to defy peer force per unit area.

They try to inform teens to seek to remain off from intoxicant and seek to maintain other teens cognizant as good. Another organisation working to work out this issue is MADD ( Mothers against intoxicated drive ) . Support high-visibility jurisprudence enforcement to catch rummy drivers and discourage others from driving rummy. they besides wanted to necessitate all rummy drivers to take a breathalyser before they even start their engine of their auto. they besides support the development of engineering to find automatically whether or non the driver is above the legal bound of. 08 and neglecting to run if the driver is drunk. They are seeking to extinguish intoxicated drive as a whole.

Web Sites I found this information: hypertext transfer protocol: //drivesteady. com/teen-driving-statistics hypertext transfer protocol: //www. alcoholalert. com/students-against-drunk-driving. html hypertext transfer protocol: //www. firsteagle. com/tdd. htm hypertext transfer protocol: //www. madd. org/drunk-driving/campaign/ Part 2: Solutions for the Issue Something else that should be done to assist work out or control the job. There are many things that could be done to assist work out or control rummy drive. but a batch is already being done.

I think another thing that could assist control or work out the job would be to set up more hoardings and have police functionaries come and speak to adolescents and kids in the schools. I think they could besides do telecasting shows or commercials to assist inform people to assist control this issue. I think this would be a easy manner to make out to adolescents particularly about this issue and perchance assist work out it and besides to do certain that everyone is cognizant of this job.

What can I personally do to do others cognizant of this issue? What can I do to do others cognizant of the issue? There are several things I am capable of making to do others cognizant of this issue. To get down of I would wish to set marks around my school saying statistics about the affects drunk drive has on teens. I would besides do an proclamation on our school intelligence to assist acquire people cognizant of what the issue at manus. I would distribute the word by stating friends and making anything I can to assist halt rummy drive. particularly for minor imbibing.