Last updated: April 14, 2019
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My name is XXXX, I majored in Traffic Engineering in the school of Automobile and Trafic Engineering. Now I am still studying in XXXX University and will gain my bachelor’s degree in July, 2007. In my opinion, continuing my Master’s degree learning in France is the best choice for me, I would like to make an intensive study for the future. First I will learn French in Alliance Francaise de Nanjing in China as much as possible in order to build a good foundation for practical needs of French.

As soon as enrolled the university, I will strive hard to grasp all the related courses in my subject. My major is Traffic Engineering, France is one of the highly developed country which have advanced technology of transportation. For example, the Track transportation in France, the famous railway whose maximum speed can be 574. 8km/h: TGV ,the metro network which connect the center of Paris and suburban area: RER,and so on.

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I had received the admission letter from Ecole National Superieure d’Arts et Metiers (ENSAM) through the Programme “N+I”. I believe with the specially and completely advanced education system in France, I will gain the major knowledge such as Traffic management and control, Road Traffic and simulation, Traffic survey and analysis, Intelligent Traffic, Traffic Engineering Facility Design, Road Survey and Design, Transportation planning ,Transport security system comprehensive and systemic .

I realized, a large number of talented men with international quality are badly needed in China due to the rapid construction of Traffic. The most important thing I must do enrich my existing knowledge and create additional opportunities for myself in the near future. Upon the competition of my studies in France and gained my Master’s degree, I’ll back to China, embarking on the development and research work of Traffic Science. At that time, it is easier and faster to get work with high salary in China.

On the one hand, I’ll serve for the Chinese civil economical construction. On the other hand, I’ll contribute my intellectual gains for the Sino-France communication and cooperation in the field of Traffic Science. Even more, studying in France can bring me a lot of precious experiences. I will not only improve my abilities such as communicate ability of communication, specialized skills and French ability of listening, writing and speaking French, but also create a successful and challenging career in the field of specialization