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The motive theory that I am in most understanding with would be the Diversity position point.

We as worlds are motivated by a assortment of different things ; every person is alone and has different ends. intents. positions and ways of life for one another. This means that one person’s thrust for triumph and success will be different from another.

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The Diversity position makes me believe that it is impossible for persons to hold a little set of basic motives and demands within their human behaviour and experiences. Diversity puts into clear position that everyone has and faces different motives. thrusts. demands. ends. positions. and intents for what they want out of life. In modern twenty-four hours people live their life and are determined to better their hereafter from their yesteryear.

This means that the yesteryear that I have already lived is what created the way. paseo. stepping rocks for who I want to go in the hereafter and.

what I plan on carry throughing in life. I live for this belief because it is the ground why I do what I am making today. The program that I thought I was destined to take three yearss ago might hold been altered today. and I might hold to establish a new way to follow. As an grownup me and everyone else remembers their childhood this is portion of life that can non be avoided.Subsequently in life when we become parents we might or might non integrate how we were treated and acted as kids into our rearing accomplishments.

Often we will utilize our past experiences to put illustration to our kid why they should or should non make something. This is so that we can learn them the right thing to make in certain state of affairss. As we live our day-to-day lives one twenty-four hours at a clip. we tent to patch together our memories of events in our yesteryear and develop ideas of what is shortly to come in our hereafter.

After discoursing Diversity my most in agreement motive theory we get to my least agreed one which is Psychoanalytical. I can non happen a individual thing on this motive theory that I agree with. I believe us as worlds are the cause of our ain actions. and we should be held at mistake for them. I believe persons have to prehend control of their life taking duty for their actions.Every action that takes topographic point because of human behaviour can non be determined and know by something we have no control over. We as worlds do as we please with developed human behaviour because we have no boundaries to halt us ( realistic ) . We are in control of our ain life and make our ain destiny ( future ) .

We as persons chose what we want out of life. and how we will obtain it. There are nevertheless ineluctable turn of destinies that are created due to another individual like slaying. auto accidents. plane clangs. and exedra. The concluding claim of my dissension is we as worlds are avaricious ne’er satisfied with what we have in life.

we ever want more. That is what either makes us or interrupt us in life therefore making who we are and for what intent we are that individual for.