Movie review isa critical article or evaluation of service, product, or company such as a moviereview, song review, and book review etc. Everyone can through the internet towrite a review. A good review can creates better integration between talk andaction, provides more ways to communicate, learn and develop, produces moredynamic, enriched and focused reviewing and gives better access to intuitiveand tacit knowledge.  2.1 Review to Jumanji: Welcome to the jungleWell, the movieI have seen recently that called Jumanji.

The movie isan updated adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg of picture book, this time turningthe life-changing board game into a video game. The movie coming in 1996, whena teenager of father gives him the Jumanji board game. According to (Rottentomatoes19 January 2018) this movie is talking about four high school students find outan old video game console and they are drawn into the old video game of junglesetting, literally becoming the adult character they choose. What they discoveris that you do not just play Jumanji. You must survive it. To beat the game andreturn to the real world, they will have to go on the most dangerous adventureof their lives, discover what Alan Parrish left 20 years ago, and change theway they think about themselves or they will be stuck in the game forever, tobe played by others without break. I will start out by saying that my family isa really big fan of the Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt Jumanji movie.

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 I personally thought it was alright.Nothing great, but not bad either and the main thing is very funny and full ofadventure. I went into this movie with my doubts about it is quality. One,because I was not the biggest fan of the original, and two because I wasfearful it would just be another generic action romp. I was wrong, this is oneof the best action films I have seen in some time, and there are many reasonsas to why this one works so well. Reason number one: the casting. This cast isjust perfectly put together. According to (IMDb 9 January 2018) Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson really was great in the lead role, one of his bestperformances in my opinion.

Kevin Hart serves as the ever hilarious comedicrelief, and he did a fabulous job of making the audience laugh their asses off.Jack Black is really great here as well, very funny, really the best middleaged man in Hollywood you could pick to play as a teenage girl stuck in anotherbody. And lastly, Karen Gillan and Nick Jonas give fun entertainingperformances. The acting is a big plus for this movie. Reason number two thewriting.

The script allows for many things comedy, action, and some seriousstuff too. Funny lines for the comedic heavyweights and more touching or sweetcontent for when it is called for. And finally, reason number three veryexciting action and effects. The action scenes are done well and achieve thelevel of excitement that they are going for. And the visual effects are top ofthe line as well. Overall, this is just a great film overall, and it even gavea small harken back to the original 90 years film. Great lovable characters,exciting action, skilled writing.

 2.2 Good and bad aboutthe movieThe actors inthe whole movie are starred by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black. Thesethree guys are all hilarious in their roles and really do help lift this moviewhen it sometimes started to drag. Although they quite a lot of arguments inthe storyboard but they still managed the escape in the end of the movie.

  I personally comment the bad thing is too muchpotty, sexist humor and unnecessary bad language in the movie plot. Althoughmany younger kids in audience, this movie had so many sexist jokes, a lot ofunnecessary bad language and potty humor which is why I think more appropriatefor teens. 2.2 Recommend to othersOf cause, I willrecommend to my best friend because the characters in the movie are interestingand entertaining.

I deeply attracted by the character, each got different typeof capability make the movie more excellent. Recommend to a friend also let ushave a common talk endless topic hope the movie can increase relationship andtacit knowledge. .

 3.0 ConclusionAsa conclusion most of us like watching movie, we all have our favorite movie. Welike to discuss with our friends to watch. One thing is when we are tellingabout the movie, we have just watched to one of our friends and absolutely adifferent thing is when a student gets the task to write a good movie review. Agood review can creates better integration between talk and action, providesmore ways to communicate, learn and develop, produces more dynamic, enriched.