The proposed system entitled MSU Grade Module on Mobile utilizing Android OS is a nomadic version of the current Grade Module of Mindanao State University. This system enables the teacher to input classs and update INC classs at any location and at any clip. Obtaining the Grade Module watchword is besides done utilizing nomadic connexion.Reasons:* With the convenience of an Android-powered Mobile phone. the teacher does non necessitate to physically travel to the clerk to bespeak for Grade Module watchword. * The Grade Module watchword is sent through electronic mail which is more unafraid than printed Grade Module stub.

* The teacher does non necessitate to be in their several section or in the university to input and/or update classs. * The scarceness of available computing machines in the university is no longer a concern. * If the teacher is off for seminars. holidaies. and other grounds.

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the teacher no longer needs to bespeak favor from other teachers to input and/or update classs for them. therefore the answerability of the class resides merely to the teacher in-charge and lessen trouble oneselfing other teachers. * With this sort of application. an teacher can go unseeable from pupils who keep following him/her because of assorted grounds.Possible Problem:* Not all teachers have an Android-powered Mobile phone.

* Not all teachers maintain an electronic mail reference. particularly those who are non technology-savvy. * Internet connexion is non stable for teachers who want to input and/or update classs within the university. * The handiness of on-line faculties of the university is non stable.