Imagine, if you will, the light at the end of the tunnel, the oasis in the middle of the desert.

Now consider one’s happiness at finding this gift. This gift, in your case, is a home in the Mughal Empire. M-U-G H-A-L Mughal, Mughal! Let’s Go! The Mughal Empire is a perfect home for people of all cultures, colors, and religions. Most leaders exhaust themselves trying to win over the hearts and minds of the people so that everyone can live peacefully as one nation. The diversity of our great empire is one of its strong points.

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Muslim leaders and Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians come together and act as one great people in order to achieve the overall goal of power and influence through peace and cooperation. All people have a say in the Mughal Empire under the great leader Akbar the Great, as discussions between all major religions are encouraged. Culturally, the Mughal Empire has no match. We have our own language, Urdu, which is a rich combination of Sanskrit and Arabic, though Persian is still use as an official language.

Our architecture is the most beautiful and unique in the world, with such stunning creations as the Taj Mahal. Artists in the Mughal Empire have more opportunities than those in any other state, and individual artists are coming to fame like never before. Even our rulers are more culturally in touch, and they take a special interest in the arts. Our landscape is made even more beautiful by our gardens, which brighten even the darkest days.

The Mughal Empire is also the safest state in the world, with a large military guided by wise generals and rulers. Corruption is all but nonexistent, unlike other nearby kingdoms where corruption is to be expected. Economic security is assured as well, with money pouring in from trade with Europe. The tax system is also designed for the people, as it is made to be tolerable for even the lowliest of peasants, but still hugely beneficial to the government.