Last updated: June 27, 2019
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A child with a speech problem would probably be seen first by the health visitor at home who would then voice their concerns to a doctor, after being seen by a doctor, the doctor would give a medical diagnosis and if in their opinion the child needed more specialist help then they would refer the child to a specialist clinic for a more thorough diagnosis. Once the child had been diagnosed with a specific problem, then help could be arranged with other professionals, like speech therapists.

The child’s school or nursery would need to be aware of the Childs specific problem and their specialist needs, this would be dealt with by the parent first but then the SENCO would need to arrange an assessment and once an individual learning plan had been drawn up and the class teacher and the Childs parents had all agreed with it, then the child would be introduced to what was going to happen and how everything was there to help them.

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Some children have therapy sections in school time and this would have to be co-ordinated with the school and the therapist to help the child cope as much as possible. All the agencies involved with the Childs care and education would have to make sure that everyone had all the relevant information about the child and about the Childs care plan, so that all agencies can tie in with each other to give the child the best overall care. By keeping each other informed and working together the child should be able to manage and cope with everything a lot better.