I would state. emotionally “Yes” but physically “No” . No affair what. retaliation is incorrect. as is slaying. There is nil incorrect with holding a score. The angry Hamlet decided to seek retaliation for the slaying of his male parent and accomplished this end.

In the drama. retaliation is killing his uncle. Claudius. who killed Hamlet’s male parent by pouring toxicant into his ear. while he was kiping.

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I wholly understand how Hamlet feels about what Claudius has done to his male parent. Hamlet has every right to be huffy. but he does non hold any right to kill Claudius.If my female parent were killed by person. I would resent the individual who killed her and desire to seek retaliation. but I could non convey myself to kill the liquidator. I know my female parent would non wish me to kill person.

even though that individual is a liquidator. because she does non desire me to be a liquidator. I do non even remotely believe that she will demo up as a shade. either. In add-on to how my female parent feels about the action of killing person.

I could non personally be able to populate with slaying person on my scruples for the remainder of my life.Hamlet’s male parent showed up and delivered a message by stating. “Revenge his foul and most unnatural slaying. ” ( . v. 25 ) However. he did non specifically inquire Hamlet to kill Claudius. No affair how injury or enraged Hamlet is.

I do non believe that Hamlet had to kill Claudius. Although I do non like the thought of retaliation. I believe there was a different manner to carry through his retaliation other than killing Claudius. Claudius was a liquidator whom Hamlet had a score against. However. in world. Hamlet does same thing what Claudius has done ; slaying person.

As Claudius is blamed. Hamlet should be blamed every bit good. as a liquidator.

Hamlet brought himself down to the same degree as his uncle. the liquidator of his male parent. Often times. it is the individual who retaliates that is seen as the true perpetrator or the bad cat. I believe that retaliation will merely bring forth more retaliation. Harmonizing to the presentation of Brigitte. the film “Mean Girls” describes the construct of retaliation.

Cady seeks retaliation of Regina. who betrayed her. Cady accomplishes her retaliation. but as she becomes more involved in the retaliation game. she accomplishes her personal ends. while put on the lining her friends along the manner.

In the terminal. the two misss will non acquire along together. I believe that there are two grounds why they can non be good friends. First. they are both immature. Second.

the retaliation of Cady generates the lunacy inside of Regina to an even more intense degree. so that she can non of all time forgive Cady for what she has done. What is the intent of retaliation? Leting the individual know that he/she is incorrect? I can carry through more by sitting and speaking to the individual who has offended or hurt me.

After the decease of Hamlet’s male parent. Hamlet takes it upon himself to seek retaliation.Becoming aware of his programs for retaliation. Claudius sends Hamlet to England in an effort to hold him killed. stating that he will non be able to loosen up until Hamlet is gone.

everlastingly. “Do it. England. / For like the hectic in my blood he rages. / And 1000 must bring around me. Till I know ‘tis done. / Howe’er my haps.

my joys were ne’er begun ( IV. three. lines 61-64 ) .

” The initial slaying of Hamlet’s male parent creates a rhythm of retaliation and slaying. that won’t halt until people are injured or killed.Because Claudius was fearful of Hamlet cognizing the truth about his father’s slaying. he attempted to hold Hamlet killed. This in bend. led to angering Hamlet even more.

finally doing Claudius’s decease. I believe that retaliation in itself is incorrect. Revenge will non do things better. Forgiving is harder. but the feelings that come after forgiving person are better than the feelings you may acquire after retaliation. My female parent ever tells me.

“Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want others to make to you. ”