Last updated: March 12, 2019
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California is best known as the sunshine state, although most people would disagree with this statement. Most people dream of coming here to visit. I was lucky enough to be born and raised here in California. The beaches and the lakes are just the beginning of California; there are so much other things that California has to offer. For example my home town is known for their many dairies, which produces cheese for a major cheese plant. There are a couple of things that California did to help my life.

The first way was by my high school giving me the opportunity to excel in my favorite sport, swimming. If California started dropping funds for schools I probably wouldn’t have gotten the things I did out of swimming. Such as, going to new and bigger places to swim against bigger schools, and getting the chance to take my relay team to sections, that was the greatest gift ever. If I didn’t grow up in California I don’t think I would have gotten the chance to go to those places. Every school should get the same opportunities that my small town school got to partake in.

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California helps me now with the good educational system it has to offer. Not many people around the world have this opportunity, so I’m going to take it and run with it. With the education I get from California I plan on being a Registered Nurse. This state has so many programs for this career and it’s just a matter of choosing which one I want. When most people think of California they think of Hollywood or sunshine all day and surfing, when in reality California is just like any other state.

Yes, we do have our beaches and of course Hollywood stars, but if you look past all of that you see that we do have things just like everyone else. Such as Great food, Beautiful coast lines and beautiful people. One of my friends who lived in Utah told me that she has always wanted to come to California and visit. She never once thought it would be all movie stars and such. She said “It is actually more laid back then Utah is. ” “Utah is more conservative, not at all as laid back as California”. She said she enjoyed it here, especially the nice weather.

She also said that Utah had many opportunities but she said that California had more opportunities for the education she wanted to pursue. Other than Utah I think that most other states don’t like California much. I’m not exactly sure why but maybe it’s because they think we’re just lazy and surf all day. But that’s not all we do; some people do work for a living and work hard for what they have just like everyone else. There are some things that I think California does the right way, such as education comes first and making more ways for children to have better educations.

I believe every child needs an education and California definitely goes out of its way to do so. I also believe that a lot of people don’t give Californians a chance, to see any good in what they do or say. They always look at the negative stuff and then blow it way out of proportion. I think California is an amazing state and it deserves way more credit than it receives. California is a great place to live and everyone should get the chance to live in or at least to visit California.