Last updated: April 16, 2019
Topic: HealthTherapy
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My clinical experience as a pharmacist

As a pharmacist at the Ibn Sina Hospital, I worked closely with other medical practitioners most specifically with neurology, neurosurgery, and pediatrics physicians. I worked as an expert in therapeutic service delivery towards uplifting the health of visiting patient in the pharmaceutical unit of Ibn Sina Hospital. The routine entails taking regular ward round with the clinicians and brainstorming on drug therapy unique for every case. The pharmacists rounds with physicians were supported by the faculty of pharmacy – at  Kuwait University-, which is part of their objectives to improve the quality of pharmaceutical services in Kuwait. As a professional, I love communicating with patients of the importance of drugs’ compliance, the expected side effects, and many other precautions to observe in other to synergize quick recovery. Rapport with patients distinctly radiates a sense of care in addition to those stony tablets we prescribed; I do this with good human relation to ensure patients’ compliance to regimen.

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Furthermore, during the course of my experience as a pharmacist, I enriched my knowledge with two months posting round in cardio-specialist hospital. This opportunity exposed me to an important unit with higher frequency of diseases in addition to the neurology unit. More so, I build up junior pharmacists, staff nurses, and pharmacy technicians through a continuing education programs during and after clinic session. I strongly believe I am competence to handle a greater task, hence, the need for a platform to stand and the option to bag M.Sc. in Clinical Pharmacy.

In addition to my clinical experience, after completion my master degree in clinical pharmacology, the knowledge of other related courses had helped in my achievements so far. Fields like pharmacokinetics, medical statistics, literatures review, evaluation skills, molecular biology and pharmacogenetics, helped me in building a scientific solid foundation for taking farther studies in the clinical pharmacy field. What a great privilege to have a dream comes through soonest!