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My home in India is filled with the love, culture, wisdom, and peace. This beautiful home of mine has five bedrooms, a kitchen, a basement, a balcony, a living room, a family room and a backyard. There are three specific places in the home that are very close to me and were very unique in their way that make me attached to them. Each room symbolizes something unique. As soon as I open the main door, the first room I see is my family room, which stands for a bond of love. On holidays, all my family members get together and spend their free time in this room.

On the walls of the family room, there are some pictures and a green tree, which has the names of all family members since many generations. While I’m in this room, I feel very protected and comfortable because when I’m alone, all I think of is my family members and things that they have done for me. There are two flower vases and few candles on the window. The room smells like roses and the protection of love. There is a chair placed in the front of the window, while I’m sitting on this chair, I wanted to talk to the four walls, like my family members talk to me when we sits together.

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From the family room, I can go in to a basement by opening the little gate at the top of the stairs. In the basement, there are some cultural symbols on the table, such as Bhagvatgeeta, which is a Hindu holy book of God and golden color Om, which is a symbol of the blessing of the God. My grandparents spent most of their time in the basement reading the Bhagvatgeeta and some other religious books. While I’m in the basement, I am reminded of the knowledge that I gained from my family members sitting in this room. I have applied this knowledge of our rich culture in my day to day life which has helped me pass through a lot of hurdles in life.

In the morning we pray to God together and light a candle, by saying that we will help each other to lighten each other’s life and also start a day with the with trust and honesty. The smell of candle helps me start the new day with freshness because the smell is fresh, like air. From the basement you can go to the balcony by an elevator at the third floor. From the balcony I can see my backyard and beach. While I stand in a balcony, I feel like I have freedom and peace, because when I look as far as I can, all I see is blue water and sky which become the horizon and makes me feel peaceful at mind.

I wish I could swim like the small fish in the large ocean. The backyard garden has many different kinds of flowers that have their own peculiar smells. The mixed fragrance together gives the special smell that lingers all over our garden and house. The smell is a fresh and romantic fragrance. The smell from red, yellow and white colored roses, are stands for loving, caring and friendship. The aromas and feelings make me stand in the balcony all night and all day along. There was also a swimming pull, so whoever wants to swim in my family or friend, they come to my house.

I am very attached to this house of ours in India. It reminds me of a lot of old memories that I had with my family and other extended family members together. If I am there or away but I am always reminded of the house. This is where I spent my childhood that makes me even more close to the house. Whenever my father talks about selling this house, I always tell him not to do that. I told my father we are never going to sell this house. This house is enriched with love, culture, care, and peacefulness. I will never forget this family in my life.