A brilliant architectural marvel that unites past, present and future… work which I personally admire is definitely Fallingwater house, constructed and designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater house is one of the most remarkable masterpieces in the history of contemporary architecture. With this house F . L. Wright reached the top in his architectural work, using very unique and inventive way to the integration of form in outer space.The main point in Fallingwater house is to introduce the personality of the architect through organic approach to the creation of form, which means that all objects should respond to the natural conditions of the site.

So, that proves the fact showing that the main model of Wright’s inspiration is the nature. For Fallingwater house it is more than obvious how much research and effort was put to find the best location in the forest. After all, the slope of the site, the compass sides, the way that the wind blows, the day and night illumination periods and etc.What is the most interesting; this house is built on the top of an active waterfall on the hill, which flows under. The structure as a whole is made of cantilevered platforms in yellow-brown color and the other vertical elements are constructed from pieces of raw stone. All the platforms are fortified in the main construction using thick reinforced concrete. Imagined as a shape, the connection between the horizontal and the vertical elements expresses terraced appearance in part to allow this house to aesthetic experience as a sculpture in the space.Almost every detail is carefully considered and set in function like in the natural environment.

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The access towards the main doorstep is connected with a wooden bridge so the guests get an idea towards what he is brought to. This proves of the Wright’s organic connection between the object and the nature. On all, the levels of Fallingwater house the ceilings are extremely low, but on account of this, all windows are extended along the floors, with this functional and aesthetic intervention in the same time, is intended to explain how nature could be entered in the inner space of the house.It’s a fact that in this house Wright applies the natural materials to the maximum, and on a skillful manner he combines it in the exterior and interior. For an example, when we analyze its windows, the glasses are directly embedded in the stone walls without metal frames.

Also, the floor in the dining room is coated with a smooth stone processed and it is painted with wax, which gives a shiny appearance to indicate that the floor is the same as the stream of the nature.That floor level is elevated in tree steps and is aimed to create us physical feeling that we are still climbing the hill. The main and the most important position in Fallingwater house belongs to the fireplace and inside it is set chimney pot, and every element of the furniture is oriented around it.

The bedrooms as secondary spatial units are relatively small, but its openness to external views creates us impression as we stand on a deck of a ship.In the end of this analysis and descriptions, we can make a conclusion that all architectural elements of Fallingwater house such as walls, platforms, chimney, windows, balconies and etc, are logically structured to create a form with dramatic and abstract features. This is unique, detached form which is expressed with pure geometrical shapes, and successfully integrated as a part of the nature imitating waterfall’s configuration. From the functional aspect, is open to all treatment needs socialization.