Last updated: April 11, 2019
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Some read books to tick over away their clip. Some read books to widen their cognition.

while many others read books to bask its content. I belong to this class. I enjoy reading good books peculiarly novels.

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short narratives. dramas. etc.The universe celebrated literary plants of great writers such as.

Charles Dickens. Tolstoy. Dominique Lappiere. Rabindranath Tagore. R. K.

Narayan. Arundhathi Roy. Salman Rushdie.

etc. have ever charmed and thrilled me. giving moving ridges of delectation. leisure. relaxation and mental refreshment.

My favorite book is ‘City of Joy’ written by Dominique Lappiere. The book is a affecting description of the lives of the slum-dwellers of Kolkata. The street-urchins. cycle-rickshaw pullers. city-vendors. coolies.

procurers. ordinary work forces and adult females are the heroes and heroines of this narrative.Their lives. their joys and agony and their pathetic being are vividly painted by the writer. It is the narrative of the most unwanted people of the society. But the writer finds joy. bravery.

excellence. and all right qualities amidst this suffering being. The narrative has touched me so much that I have read this book several times during the last few old ages.The most attractive characteristic of the book. which impressed me most. was the author’s reference of minute inside informations. The writer does non give a image of the slums of Kolkata from far but instead presents a realistic image with its engorged homes. dirty drains.

narrow pathwaies. people’s wrangles and battles. their banquets and festivals. etc.

The beauty of narrative becomes all the more thrilling when it is realistic and true. No admiration why the book has won so much international acclamation. Second. the brilliant presentation of the scenes. characters and episodes whether of import or unimportant in the narrative.

keeps the reader spellbound throughout.The linguistic communication is simple and the manner of narrative is down to Earth. The author’s accomplishment of word picture is excessively keen to travel unnoticed. When we read the book.

a whole face of legion lives unfastened before us. Lappiere’s art of narrative edifice is besides most impressive.The gradual build-up of the narrative taking to a touching coda in the terminal has made Lappiere’s work a fantastic literary work. deserving reading. It is a fact that if one starts reading this book. he or she would non be able to set away the book without finishing it. The wonder to cognize what happened to their lives and how they would stop up eventually keeps the reader excited and forces him/her to travel on with the reading.Over the last few old ages I have read many books.

peculiarly fictions. But none of them has impressed me or touched me in this mode and brought cryings to my eyes as ‘City of Joy’ . To me this book is one of the finest books in the universe. Its first-class qualities have made it my favorite book.