Last updated: July 21, 2019
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First cars are really special. Like most teenagers, I had to settle for a used car, but at least some of my first car dreams seemed likely to come true since my first car was a 1966 Mustang and it was my favorite color blue. It was the deep blue color of the ocean. My first car had some major problems, like the tendency to flood its carburetor at the worst possible moments and a thirst for oil which, made owning it a bad experience.

The carburetor would flood just about every time I would turn it off for more than ten minutes. So my dad finally got someone to work on the carburetor and they eventually got that problem fixed. Worst of all, my Mustang drank oil like a fraternity boy drinks beer. When I first noticed that the car was using oil and that it would be a problem, came about a month after I took possession of the car when the oil gauge arrow suddenly dipped into the red range.

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When my dad pulled the dipstick out, only the tip had any oil covering it. It was then that he discovered that my car was discharging oil out of its exhaust pipes and that I would have to check its oil every time I filled up with gas. Eventually, I found that I was adding a quart of oil every one hundred miles and discovered that the oil blowing out the car’s exhaust had permanently darkened the paint around the car’s exhaust pipes.