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As a child, I had always looked to my father as a hero. To me, he was strong enough to take on an army one handed, tall enough to reach for the moon and give it to me, and wise enough to know everything about everything. There was nothing my father could not do. He took time to teach me to read, write, walk, and talk. When learning how to walk, like any child I would occasionally fall. My father would pick me up and put me back on my feet. He always encouraged me to “get up and try it again. I felt no doubt in his eyes; he made me believe that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. When my Dad passed away after years of being a Diabetic, that January day I lost my hero, my protector, and in some ways I lost a part of me. I will never be the same person that I would have been if my Dad lived. His death changed my life’s path that day as I was not meant to be that person on that path. I had to grow and learn. It was not easy but I did it.

Now I am embarking on another journey and I believe it is fair to look back to what got me here. From him I have also learned that sometimes you have to put others needs ahead of your own, but not to the point they will begin to take advantage of you. His strength seems to be unbreakable during hard times, and was extremely determined to accomplish anything he set his mind on. I hold great esteem for how he stood up for what he believed in, and would never back down. I have always admired his open mind, compassion, and sense of understanding.

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He was a very reserved man, but had a great sense of humor, and always knew how to put a smile on my face. While my Dad was here on earth he taught me and gave me things that no one else possibly could. There are a few things that come to mind when I think of the traits he passed on to me. They have all helped build me up to the person I am and want to be. The trait to give back to the community, the trait of perseverance, to not give up on anything I put my mind to, and lastly the trait of having a passion to be happy.

In conclusion, my father taught me many things with both his stories and his way of being. He taught me that I could do anything if I actually strived to do so. He is my hero, and in my eyes, he is even greater than Superman or any other super hero around. Not only am I thankful that he is always there for me, but I am also thankful that he is my father. In all honesty, I love my father, and I admire him like no other.