My high school experience has been a success for me to acquire to college by taking all of the category I needed to acquire this far. I have came a long manner during my high school calling because I truly thought I wouldn’t have made it this far due to fighting to maintain my classs up but as I started it’s non difficult at all to maintain them up you merely have to seek difficult and acquire the occupation done. Although being in Upward Bound has assist me carry through these ends to do it his far from 9th class to twelfth class. Due to being in Upward Bound I have learned a batch of things such as you have to make things have your ain because nothings of all time traveling to be handed to you. Now that I eventually realize that I’m a senior in high school and that clip has existent passed by now I’m standing here with a sheepskin something I’ve been waiting for all my life. As I look back I’m non ready to go forth high school yet because now I’m ain my ain in college and there’s no 1 at that place to state me what to make.

As everyone would state “welcome to the existent universe. ” Some people think of this as yes I’m eventually out of the house with my female parent and that their traveling to hold merriment and do new friends and party.I think of this as I want to travel to college and be successful in life. acquire the occupation done. acquire my associate’s grade and move on up to the existent universe besides I would love to be on the dean’s list every semester that would be a truly great award to me to allow me cognize that I have did what I had to make in college and non merely played the whole clip. I know that I will lose it here being with friends and drop the balling about with others. But now it is for me to step on up to a new chapter in life by traveling to college and making what I like to make working with kids and their households. I hope that all of us will work hard to carry through our dreams and make what we got to make to acquire what we want.

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It want be that difficult I hope merely if you merely seek and set your head to it to make it. It want be every bit difficult as you make it merely make your best. I’m sword lily that all of us have made it to the terminal now that we can state that we “started from the underside now were here. ”Now that I have accomplished my undertaking for today I would inquire you to promote me and others to ever make their best in anything cause you ne’er know what your traveling to acquire out of being the best that we can be and I hope you take this with you to retrieve the category of 2015.