My ideal place to be alone with my thoughts is at home in my back yard on my basketball court. It’s not an actual court it’s just sand, dirt, and grass.

It’s so country like and it’s surrounded by trees on all its sides just as a peninsula surrounded by water. To just hear the trees swaying back and forth on a windy day. When the sun is not shining because the clouds filled the sky to cover it like a jacket on a cold day that covers your body from the cold weather. It’s so peaceful just to play ball not being serious and just being you on the court.

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As I get tired of playing I sit on my ball thinking of every little thing there was to think about. Knowing that the ball will go flat with every thought that I thought. I come to this place often, but not much to relieve my stress that builds up on that day or that period of time, and maybe had some kind of work that I had to do that I felt that I couldn’t possibly do at that particular time. This place I go to relieve my stress and it helps me to build up my courage to go back strong on what I had to do, and I accomplish my task. This ideal place is where I will always and forever go too to be alone with my thoughts.