When I was young, I was so curious about a lot of things. I used to ask some elders at home about the things I was curious at, but all I can remember are the sweet, calm answers of my beloved grandfather. I never thought that his answers to my childish questions could slowly mold me into someone who values the great mentorship of a grandpa. I realized that yes, he was preparing me to face the world behind the wall. My grandfather inspired me to work hard, taught me how to be responsible, and showed me the value of education.

One day, I saw him sitting in an old armchair in our backyard.With my curiosity, I got my own chair, sat beside him and asked, “Lo, what are you doing here? ” He looked at me, smiled and said, “Nothing, I just feel so happy on how these plants have grown well. ” That’s when I realized that he was pertaining to all the green, lavish plants we had in the yard. “In life, you really have to work hard in order to achieve your goals. As hard as it may seem, nothing is impossible when you’re determined to do it. Like these plants, I endured the sun’s scorching rays hoping to see them grow well some day. And now look. ” he continued.

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I carefully listened to every word he said. It was then the first time I got inspired to work hard. After that, I went inside the house, rushed upstairs to get my homework. I went down and started making it in the living room. I was anxious to finish it quickly because it was as if the TV was hypnotizing me to turn it on. Moments later, grandpa went inside and saw me. I saw how the joy in his face lit up as I was writing my answers. Then he said, “That’s good! You’re responsible now.

That’s one good way of disciplining your self. You’re now responsible enough to set your assignments as your priority.I thought you’d be watching TV. ” I felt embarrassed. The thought of hurrying faded away. I told him that I was really planning to turn on the TV. He sat in front of me, and started to teach me how to be responsible.

The talk continued. He had also opened my eyes to see the value of education. He told me the story of his childhood. As a student, he used to work for his own allowance. They were many enough in the family that his parents could not send all of them to school.

He knew then that education was really important. In the morning, he went to school.And in the evening, he had to work. He said that he almost had no time for studying, but he was determined. Then it was lunchtime. I returned my homework then went to dine with my family. As I was eating, I pondered on the things grandpa inculcated in me that day.

How he inspired me to work hard, how he taught me to be responsible, and how he showed me the value of education. Until this time, I always reminisce and cherish the times when he was still around to help and guide my life. Though he had passed away, I thank him for influencing my life and for his great mentorship.