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My Week: Philip Pullman Essay, Research Paper

& # 8216 ; I didn & # 8217 ; t expect to win & # 8217 ; Philip Pullman, 55, became the first kids & # 8217 ; s author to win the & # 163 ; 25,000 Whitbread Book of the Year award on Tuesday, with The Amber Spyglass, the 3rd episode of the charming His Dark Materials trilogy. I did some authorship in my shed on Saturday forenoon. It & # 8217 ; s a shorter book than the last one & # 8211 ; a fairy narrative along the lines of I Was a Rat which was late dramatised by the BBC. After shopping in the afternoon, my married woman and I walked the Canis familiariss. They are brother and sister pugs & # 8211 ; his name is Hogarth or Hogy, and she is called Nellie. That flushing I answered letters & # 8211 ; & # 8220 ; I wish I could come and speak at your school, but & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; That & # 8217 ; s an interesting thought and I would love to compose for your newspaper but & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; which I continued making throughout Sunday and Monday. Tuesday was Whitbread twenty-four hours so I pottered about all forenoon inquiring which shirt to have on. We took the Canis familiariss out early and so I got into my dinner jacket and all the stuff. They sent a nice, large, comfortable auto to present us to the Whitbread Brewery edifice. We chatted and snoozed on the manner. I was experiencing alright because I was convinced Eva Ibbotson would & # 8211 ; deservedly & # 8211 ; win the kids & # 8217 ; s book award. I was merely looking frontward to seeing friends at the party. On reaching I did an interview for Radio 4 & # 8217 ; s PM programme which was good because I got to run into Philip Hensher, whose books I admire. And so the immense response room started registering up with dinner jackets. The award

s were after the meal. I genuinely believed I wouldn’t win anything so my mouth wasn’t dry with nerves. I was peaceable. It was a huge surprise when they announced I’d won the children’s book prize. I went up and told them I hadn’t got a speech but at least managed to thank all the right people – I hope. It was another half hour before they announced the Book of the Year. I’ve been on Booker panels before and know how unpredictable they can be. Getting into the shortlist is where the merit lies. You win because you were lucky. Suddenly they flashed my book up on the screen and I knew I’d won. I was glad they did that because it would be excruciating if you misheard, thinking they called your name when they didn’t. Afterwards I faced the photographers and interviews. I did a live link-up interview for Newsnight but couldn’t hear them in the studio and had to guess what they were asking. My Wednesday began in a Radio Oxford studio at 8.15am, and ended in a Radio 4 studio at 7.45pm, with more of the same in between. I went home with a Chinese takeaway and started addressing the whisky question: should I or shouldn’t I? Thursday morning, amid more interviews, I received congratulatory messages, including a long list of celebratory words from the writer Dick King-Smith. This is a very busy time, and a very pleasant time. But it’ll be nice to get back to quietly writing. I wouldn’t call my next book a prequel to the trilogy, but it will be more stories from the same world, with some of the same characters.

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