Myers Brig Type Indicator is a personality typing that attempts to explain a person’s character through assessing his energy orientation and mental processes. There are 16 mbti types. Each  having its own advantages over the others.

Let’s take the mbti type –INFP- as an example. INFPs are considered to the “idealists.”  One of their goals in life is to make this world a better place for everyone else. They need a job that gives them a sense of aiding human development. They enjoy work that helps others realize their potential. They find joy in linking people and possibilities. And as such they are excellent teachers and counselors.

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INFPs are very service-oriented.  They are willing to sacrifice their own comfort for whatever cause they think are worth fighting for. They dislike mundane details and routine work. And as such they are best fit to work for a non-government organization, where they can freely work for their chosen cause and not deal with the rigid bureaucracy that government organizations possess. INFPs are also known for their individuality and creativity, making them a great writer, musician or dramatist.

In times of conflicts, INFPs make very good mediators as they do not judge on who’s right or wrong but tries to achieve a win-win situation.  Their ability to see the best in people and their genuine to understand the complexity of emotions makes people confide in them. Being a highly sensitive and warm also helps them in making people to be at ease with them.