Mythbusters: Green Hornet Special. This episode was a special on myths regarding the new movie, The Green Hornet. Seth Rogen made a special appearance in the show and tagged along with Adam and Jamie, the hosts of Mythbusters. Discovery Channel aired this Mythbusters program on December 15, 2010 at 9 p. m. The first situation Mythbusters tried to recreate from the Green Hornet movie was the scene where Black Beauty (the car the Green Hornet drove) was buried on its side, with a bulldozer on top. In the movie, the Green Hornet and Kato were able to escape without injury by launching missiles to move the bulldozer.

To recreate this situation, Adam and Jamie put armor plates on the back of the car’s front seats to protect the passengers. They then took two dummies implanted with sensors (representing the Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato) and placed them in the back seat under the armor plating. Sixteen pounds of explosives were placed on the side of the car where the missiles were positioned in the movie. The car was then lowered sideways into a ditch and buried and a bulldozer was parked on top of the pile of dirt.

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When the explosives blew up, it created a large enough crater for the bulldozer to sink partway in, but both the car and the dummies were severely damaged. Since the movie myth was already busted, Adam and Jamie then tried to make the bulldozer fly. They built small scale models of the scenario and tried two different explosives – 4 pounds each of TNT and ANFO. The TNT blasted one model to pieces, while the ANFO tore the other model apart and scattered the pieces a far distance. For the actual, life-size test, Adam and Jamie buried 250 pounds of ANFO under a bulldozer.

The blast destroyed the bulldozer, left a deep crater, and scattered some pieces over 500 feet. Adam and Jamie concluded that any explosive charge big enough to move the bulldozer would kill the people inside the car. The second situation Mythbusters tried to recreate from the Green Hornet movie was a scene where the Green Hornet and Kato drive Black Beauty onto an elevator while taking gunfire. The front half of Black Beauty is on the elevator and the back half of the car is hanging over the edge. Black Beauty takes so much gunfire that the back half of the car is weakened and breaks off when the elevator reaches the top.

Even though the back half is missing, the Green Hornet and Kato continue driving Black Beauty. To test this movie myth, Mythbuster staff members converted a car into a replica of Black Beauty, then fired over 200 rounds of submachine gun rounds into the car to recreate the movie car’s condition. The Mythbusters taff then built a rig, using a forklift, to simulate the movie elevator. When they put the car in position and lifted it with the forklift, it got caught and crushed at the second level without being sliced in half.

They declared the first half of the myth busted, but Seth Rogen revealed that Black Beauty had a system to split itself in emergencies. The Mythbusters staff then cut the rear half off another car. After several adjustments, they were able to get the front started and drove it a short distance until it hit a wall. Seth then said that Black Beauty had a reserve fuel tank under its hood, so the team installed one in their half-car and took it to a speedway for one more test. With this setup, they were able to complete 20 laps on the speedway, going as fast as 40 miles per hour.

The team decided that the idea of driving the half-car was plausible, only if the driver made some extreme changes to it. I think the problem solving skills presented in this program can be used in daily life. Once the Mythbusters have tried something and it doesn’t work, the Mythbusters don’t give up. They make modifications to their experiments until they have success with the results. When you are trying to solve a life problem, the persistence used by the Mythbusters teaches you to not give up. Someone took the time and the money to produce this show because they want to teach kids about science and show that science is fun.

They wanted to show that science is more than just chemistry; it can be about finding and solving a problem. I think this is important because young kids that watch this show might become great scientists as a result of watching this program. It might inspire kids to choose a job in science in their future. Some of the things I liked in this show were that it had Seth Rogen in it, it had cool myths, included explosives, and it was showing science within a movie. Something I disliked was that it didn’t have any daily life lessons other than not to launch missiles out of your car when it is buried.

Overall, I liked this episode, but I did not really learn skills that are important for daily living. I wish they would have included a different myth that could be translated to daily life. This program is very entertaining. You learn things from it without knowing you are learning. Science helps you in life and kids that waste their brain watching other TV shows should flip the channel and watch this on Discovery. This episode was more about entertainment than education, but you can still learn problem solving skills from it. I think people should watch this program more often because they can learn interesting things from this show.