Last updated: September 11, 2019
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For my observation. I attended an NA meeting.

It was in Hemet CA, on a Tuesday night. The building was called “Red Dog Group”. I had walked in, and told the lady at the front desk that I was here to sit in on a meeting and observe it for my health class. She said”Of course you can, just wait here for about another 10 minutes and you will go in with everyone. ” As I sat there waiting I noticed there were about 7 people waiting for the meeting to start. There was a movie playing on the T. V.

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The front offices were blocked off with plastic, so that the people working back there can’t get hurt if anyone tries anything.There’s only a couple little holes threw the plastic to talk into. I had a little tough time hearing the lady behind it. There was a bunch of chairs lined up in rows facing the T. V.

There was a little desk right beside the T. V. with a police officer sitting there watching everyone, making sure nothing was going to happen, or if something did happen he would be able to take it into his own hands. Finally it was time to go in to the meeting. I had walked in there and I saw a fake tree in every corner of the room, and a circle of chairs right smack in the middle of the room.There was a table against a wall that had coffee and snacks on it if we got hungry, or thirsty. We all sat down in a circle as a group. The instructor introduced herself, and told us how much she appreciates us all here with her.

She then gave us the topic of the night. The topic was “What you are improving in your life? ” After she had told us about what the topic of the night was going to be, she asked that we go around the circle and everyone say there name, and why they are here. Every time a person said there name and why they were here, everyone said “Thank you”, and moved on to the next person.

The instructor then asked everyone to go back around the room and tell a little story on why they are here, and how they are going to improve it and their life. The first person who talked was a young mother of one. She is addicted to Heroin. She says that she has been addicted ever since she was a teen. She said it was very hard to stop once you have done it none stop for years. The last time she used was 2 months ago. She got prescribed Methadone. Methadone is substance that reduces her cravings to Heroin.

This is a 6 week process.She said this is the way she is improving her life, if it weren’t for the Methadone, she would still be on Heroin. The next individual, who explained, is a guy who is addicted to Cocaine. . He hasn’t used in 2 weeks.

He’s been a user for 10 years. He just had a new born baby, so he decided it was time to get clean. He volunteered on his own to go into the NA meetings, to help him overcome his problem. He is also seeing a Therapist once a week to get his mind on the right track. There were two individuals there addicted to alcohol. They will be done with there program 2 weeks from now.The thing that helped them overcome there addictiveness was drinking a lot of coffee, and smoking a lot of cigarettes.

They were alcoholics for almost 20 years. They haven’t touched a drink in over 11 months. They are much exited to graduate from their program. The instructor went on to the next person in the circle. This guy is addicted to marijuana, so everyone claims he says.

He said that he shouldn’t even be in these classes. He had got caught for someone else’s bad of marijuana. So he has to take these classes. But he says he is glad he doesn’t smoke and never will because of what he went threw.And he said he will choose his friends wisely. That is how he is improving his life. There was one particular girl in there that really caught my attention. This woman was addicted to Methamphetamines for about 3 years.

To improve her life, she is now starting to meditate. She is staying active in her daily duties, so is also seeing a therapist about twice a week. She is also going to the gym, staying proactive. She said she started going to the gym, which she hasn’t been there for 5 years she claims. She is eating healthier, and taking care of herself.

She has one job, and is on the verge of seeking another job. Bills are tough she said. The instructor told her how happy she was for her, and is glad she took a big step to improve her life, and is keeping to her goals in life.

We all gave advice to each other, especially the people how are going threw the same things together. Everyone gives everyone input. The instructor went on with the meeting asking questions about how else they can improve their lives.

One guys shouted “Not to do drugs”. Of course that’s a good way to improve your life, stay away from those drugs.They will do nothing but bad for you and your body, and your mind. They mess up your life. Another person said that spending time with their friends and family will help improve their life not getting into any trouble. Stay clean.

Focus on what you need to do in life, take care of your family, and get those bills paid that have been piling. The instructor then asked us all to sit up straight, and close our eyes and just relax. We are starting a breathing exercise. Breathing in and out slowly and calmly focusing on our thoughts about how we can improve our lives. We have done this exercise for about 3 minutes.After we all open our eyes, the instructor told us to hold on to those thoughts we were thinking during the breathing exercise, and for our goal for this coming up week, is to try and achieve one of our goals, that we were thinking in our breathing exercise. The instructor then asked if anyone would like to share anything with the group.

One person volunteered and said that they are very glad to have everyone in the room supporting them, and thankful for having people who cares. This person was very emotional. He said he is glad to have people to share his story and feelings to.

The instructor then led us in a prayer.Everyone got up in a circle and held each others hands and prayed. After the prayer was finished, the meeting was over. The instructor had thanked me for being there, and asked what I thought. I told her I thought it was very interesting to hear about other people’s life stories, and problems, and to give input and support to one another was a good feeling to me. Knowing that these people in here are trying in life, and trying to get there life straight, is a good feeling to me because I know that they are trying.

And I hope that everyone in that room will achieve what they want to achieve in life, and stay off drugs.