Name | Course Title | Date             INTRODUCTION   It is a common saying that a picture worth thousand words (Mr. Faigley, 2005).

There is no doubt that pictures are more informative, interesting, and engaging than texts. Dale stated that we remember 30 percent of what we see, whereas only 10 percent of what we read (Dale, n.d.). This paper aims to describe the concepts of the visual communication. Furthermore, the paper will analyze a still picture advertisement and discuss more about the pictures. Faigley, George, and Palchik (2005) explained that we heavily rely on the images we are exposed, to see and understand the world around us.

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This paper is written for a general purpose and doesn’t target any specific audience. This paper will explore a photograph from the Nivea’s advertisement. The ad promotes Nivea’s Black and white deodorant. The ad was projected towards Nivea’s “White is purity” ad campaign, which didn’t go well because of some racism obligations (Wang, 2017). As a result, the company had to remove the campaign from Facebook (Wang, 2017).

Analysis:Description- Faigley said, “Close observations of details is the key to the successful description, whether verbal or visual.” The quick view of the picture represents a girl and boy standing together, girl’s arm is over the boy’s shoulder, in a crowded place. Both look like between the ages of 25-30, the girl is wearing a black and white dress and a boy with a blue shirt.

Exploring further, we can observe that everyone along with lady and boy is eagerly looking and smiling in a specific direction. It pretends like whether they are watching some kind of live performance because there are huge white lights at the back of the people and everyone seems to cheer up and enjoy. Message- The main message of the advertisement can be observed very easily as it popping everywhere in the picture; the main message is stain free feature of the deodorant. The girl tends to wear the black and white dress with a specific purpose. Nivea’s deodorant claims to leave no white and yellow stains on black or white clothes after use, so it seems like the girl has used the deodorant and there is clearly no stains on her dress. Moreover, the slogan “feel closer” and girl’s arm over boy’s shoulder reflects that it brings you closer to the people.

Balance- We all expect balance in everything; the balance is organizing things in a manner to bring equal weight to each side (Faigley, 2005). In the article picturing texts, Faigley defines color, contrast, texture, space, line, and movement as other means of achieving balance in visual communication (Faigley, 2005). Bright colors are used everywhere in the picture whether it is the clothes or lights. The title line, No more deodorant stains, is framed in large bold letters as compared to other letters. Two packs of the deodorant are displayed in the right bottom corner, whereas the Nivea’s logo and feel closer, in a stylish font, slogan give symmetry to it in the top left corner. The Image is not very self-descriptive, if all those text and images are removed it will become very laborious for the viewers to find out what the picture is all about.

Emphasis-According to Faigley, the emphasis is the creation and projection of elements in a way to direct viewers towards whatever the designer wants them to notice (Faigley, 2005). A clear look at the ad, we can simply say that the infomercial is much more focused towards the lady. In other words, the designer has given a great emphasis towards the lady, so the viewer imagines this deodorant to be made particularly for women.  Centre for focus- The girl and the boy are the two main icons in the picture. Both are placed in the center of the picture and everyone else seems to be blurred in the picture. A close look at the picture reveals that both the leading actors of the commercial are presented a little bigger in size than rest of the people. While looking at the picture, the viewer perceives himself as the third person.

 Appeal to Emotions- PathosA good image is one that attracts watchers either by appealing logically, ethically or emotionally. This picture seems to use the methodology of the pathos as it comes across very appealing to the teenagers, who like to go for parties and hang around with their friends.ConclusionTo conclude, the advertisement illustrates a particular category of Nivea’s deodorant – Black and White. The principal purpose of the ad is to promote a deodorant that leaves no white or yellow stains. Two characters, a lady, and men are the crucial characters in the picture. Although there is no information given for the targeted gender, greater emphasis is given to the lady which represents this deodorant specifically to be used by girls.

   The picture persuades the viewers with a blend of balance, description, narration, and emphasis. The advertisement aims to appeal teenagers, party lovers, romantic and energetic people. Overall, the designer has put in great effort to attract the targeted audience.

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