Dear Ms Brown, I am writing in response to the meeting we had about the Glistrom situation, to provide you of the right information helping you to make the right choice to keep our position in the market stable. The market of electronic components is continuously changing. We are the leading company in this market, but to keep this position we are strongly advised to change. You are keeping this company on top for years. However, the company is facing a problem, which is worrying the Narinex top, including you and me.

The problem is that we recently lost a major contract to Glistrom. We invested the cause, and we considered that the $50 million deal, was gained because Glistrom’s advantage in CSO, which we don’t have yet. Their CSO, Ms Capelli has been joining different conferences, cable news shows and if that isn’t enough, she is blogging too. Ms Capelli is very active in social environment; she is fulfilling an important function for Glistrom.

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Sustainability is considered more and more as an important factor of doing business.Customers are prepared to pay a higher price for products when the product contains a “Fair-trade” label or other forms of sustainable manufacturing and producing. During our meeting we all agreed with the fact that we need to offer more, than just handling competitive prices and favourable businesses terms to gain competitive advantage. In addition, an idea to hire a CSO was given to deal with the growing competition and the changing market.