Many sorts of athletics originated from England. The English have a adage, “ All work and no drama makes Jack a dull male child ” . They do non believe that drama is more of import than work ; they think that Jack will make his work better if he plays every bit good. so he is encouraged to make both. Association football, or association football is one of the most popular games in the British Isles played from late August until the beginning of May. In summer the English national athletics is cricket. When the English say: “ that ‘s non cricket ” it means “ that ‘s non just ” , “ to play the game ” means “ to be just ” .

Golf is Scotland ‘s main part to British athletics. It is deserving observing here an interesting characteristic of featuring life in Britain, viz. , its often close connexions with societal category of the participants or witnesss except where a game may be said to be a “ national ” athletics. This is the instance with cricket in England which is played and watched by all categories. This is true of golf, which is everyplace in the British Isles a middle-class activity. Rugby Union. the recreational assortment of Rugby football, is the Welsh national athletics played by all subdivisions of society whereas, elsewhere, it excessively is a game for the in-between categories. Association football is a propertyless athletics as are packaging, wrestle, snooker, darts, and dog-racing. Equally far as fishing is concerned it is a athletics where what is caught determines the category of a fisherman.

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Walking and swimming are the two most popular sporting activities, being about every bit undertaken by work forces and adult females. Snooker ( billiards ) , pool and darts are the following most popular athleticss among work forces. Aerobics ( keep-fit exercisings ) and yoga. squash and cycling are among the athleticss where engagement has been increasing in recent old ages.

There are several topographic points in Britain associated with a peculiar sort of athletics. One of them is Wimbledon where the All-England Lawn Tennis Championship are held in July ( since 1877 ) . The other one is Wembly – a bowl in north London where international football lucifers, the Cup Finals and other events have taken topographic point since 1923.

Table Tennis

Table tennis was foremost Invented in England in approximately 1880. At foremost the game had several unusual names: Gossima. Whiff Whaff and Ping Pong. It was n’t until 1926 that the International Table Tennis Association was formed with international titles and regulations.

Although the game was invented in England British participants do n’t hold much opportunity in international titles. It ‘s the Chinese with their antic velocity and power who win about every rubric. Table tennis looks more like gymnastic exercises when the Chinese start playing, with the ball winging over the net at velocities of over 150 kilometers per hr.


There are all sorts of rushing in England – horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, and even races for donkeys. On athleticss yearss at school male childs and misss run races, and even develop for them. There is normally a stat mi race for older male childs, and one who wins it is surely a good smuggler.

Normally those who run a race go every bit fast as possible, but there are some races in which everybody has to travel really carefully in order to avoid falling.

The most celebrated boat-race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge. It is rowed over a class on the River Thames, and 1000s of people go to watch it. The eight oarsmans in each boat have great battle, and at the terminal there is normally merely a short distance between the victors and the also-rans.

The University boat-race started in 1820 and has been rowed on the Thames about every spring since 1836.


Squash began at Harrow School in the mid-nineteenth century, but has since worked its manner Into about every metropolis and territory in Brit

ain and throughout Europe.

Squash is one of the fastest games in the universe. Two people play in a little confined infinite surrounded by high walls with no net to maintain them apart. The purpose is to acquire to the point at the Centre of the tribunal and to remain at that place.

Squash participants hope that the game will do them stronger and fitter, but. like many athleticss, squash can be really unsafe. The most obvious danger is the little ball that shoots through the air highly fast.


Windsurfing was invented in the sixtiess by two southern Californian surfboarders, Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake. Surfers need strong turn overing moving ridges, and hate yearss of unagitated sea. Schweitzer noticed that on yearss when moving ridges were non high plenty to surf, there was frequently a strong air current and he set about happening a manner to utilize it.

His first experiments Involved standing on his surfboard keeping out a piece of sail fabric in his custodies. Gradually he and Drake refined this thought into a basic design for a sailboard, similar to a surfboard, but keeping a mast and a triangular canvas which could be tilted and turned in any way. The windsurfer operates a roar which controls the sum of air current in the canvas, for velocity and alteration of way. Schweitzer instantly went into concern designing and doing the new sailboards and taking the thought abroad. By seventiess, the athletics had spread to Holland, Germany and France.

Olympic Games in London

London was host for the first clip in 1908. With 1,500 rivals from 19 states, the Games were by now an establishment of global significance. The programme, furthermore, was augmented by the inclusion of Association football ( which appeared in 1900 but merely in a presentation lucifer ) , plunging, field hockey, and ice hockey, every bit good as other athleticss since discontinued.

The most dramatic episode of these Games was in the endurance contest, run from Windsor to Shepherd ‘s Bush in London, the site of a new bowl. Pietri ( Italy ) led into the sphere but collapsed and was disqualified for accepting aid from functionaries. The gold decoration went to the 2nd adult male place, Hayes ( USA ) , but Queen Alexandra, who was present opposite the finishing line, was so moved by the Italian ‘s predicament that she awarded him particular gold cup. The 400 meters provided an chance for Halswelle ( GB ) to go the lone adult male in Olympic history to win by a walk-over. The concluding was declared nothingness after an American had been disqualified for tiring. Two other Americans withdrew from re-run concluding in protest, go forthing Halswelle an unopposed transition. Britain won the Polo, and all the pugilism, lawn tennis, rackets, rowing, and yachting rubrics every bit good as five out of six rhythm races.


1.What do we owe to the Greeks?

2.How frequently were the original Olympic Games held?

3.When were the first Games held?

4.What were the of import athleticss in the original Olympic Games?

5.Were adult females allowed to vie?

6.Why did the work forces wear no apparels?

7.What sort of Oath did each rival have to take? S.When and where were the first modem Olympic Games held?

9.How frequently do the Olympic Games take topographic point?

10.Is the connexion with Greece still really strong?

11 Have the Olympic Games of all time taken topographic point in Great Britain?

12.Do the rivals still take the Olympic Oath?

13.When and where were the last Olympic Games held?

14.Was the engagement of Russian sportswomans successful?

15.What British athleticss do you cognize?

16.What athleticss are popular in this state?

17.Do you go in for athleticss?

18.Do you ski and skate in winter?

19.What are summer athleticss?

20.Have you of all time participated in any athletics competition?