The Khmer Rouge and the Ku Klux Klan or better known as the KKK are the few of the many groups or clans that enjoy torturing, abusing or even annihilating people who are not of their own kind. Even sometimes these days, racial issues and conflicts often occur in our own country which we call our home. What is worse is that these problems do not only happen within adults but even among the students. The numbers of group fights that involve racism between pupils are gradually increasing in school day by day. It seems like people do not seem to care anymore for each other’s well-being.What happened to the message that was delivered by the late Michael Jackson, fondly known as the King of Pop in the song ‘Black or White’ or the song that was sung by the Black Eyed Peas in ‘Where Is The Love? ’.

These are the songs that tried and failed to convey a message to the people who are carrying out these immoral and beastly acts. Fortunately, there are still ways to integrate the spirit of unity in our nation. National unity can be integrated through the practice of equal rights.

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When this act is carried out, the majority and minority races will receive equal treatment in any form of help that is being given out.Supposedly that this practice fails to be carried out, unsatisfaction, anger and hurt that is felt by the marginalized groups or races will cause racial issues to surface and disrupt the country’s development. Should this action of treating people the way that they deserve to be, a feeling of euphoria will definitely be instilled in the hearts and minds of the multiracial citizens in Malaysia. National unity in Malaysia is definitely important as a country cannot progress without the co-operation of the people in the country.On the other hand, the government should impose heavier punishments on those people who are executing their unruly acts which are connected to hate and racism. Punishments like putting the wrongdoer into a prison cell with people of the race he dislikes or jail him for trying to disrupt the peace in the country. It is essential for this action to be carried out because once these punishments are being executed; people who are attempting to carry out their future plans will think twice before they do it. The moment these acts of nonsense cease, peace will once again be in our beloved homeland.

Another way to integrate national unity in our country is by having politically stable country. The political groups in our country recently are being very competitive to form the government instead of having the people’s welfare at heart. Political parties in our land should be more concerned about the citizens’ trials and tribulations that they are facing every day. By doing that, not only the political party will contribute hugely to the integration of national unity, but it will also gain the trust of the citizens to elect the particular party to represent them as a nation.

The particular party should also put their heart and soul into this as national unity is the backbone to our country’s stability and integrity. Last but not least, national unity can be achieved when parents and guardians play their parts as role models and not turn a blind eye towards this epidemic that is plaguing most countries. Fathers, mothers and even people who greatly influence children should never criticize people of other races in front of their children. According to a study made by child experts, children usually follow the characteristics and attitude of their parents or guardians.

This is the main reason why parents and guardians should always be an example to their children so that when their children grow up, they will no longer have the mentality that their ethnicity is always above the other races when it comes to studies, sports or personal abilities. It is not a doubt that national unity is very important in our country. It is the one and only thing that keeps all of us bound together, allowing us to live with one another in peace and harmony.

National unity is, of course, possible and achievable but it can only be obtained step by step and not and overnight achievement.Therefore, we should all work together as one to continue this effort that was started by our late Prime Minister Tun Hussien bin Onn for united we stand and divided we fall. Unity and excellence in systems of the Nation. (1) Posted by: rajakumark Unity and social cohesions in systems of the nation is vital for Malaysia.

More actions needs to be taken to overcome these problems. Everywhere in all facets of malaysia’s systems, we are finding more disunity in the systems. Failure in unity systems need not continue and can be nipped in the bud with right actions by all parties.From members of parliament,political parties ,citizens and families we are finding more and more disunity. If all members of malaysian society, act together in unity,these disunity woes can be nipped in bud. Malaysians have to dig deep into their mental and physical wealth to come up with more better dynamic ideas, to nip the disunity woes in the bud. Things may not be perfect in Malaysia,but the reality is that this is our land of birth and death, with all its flaws. We should be united to live as one in Malaysia as this is also the land of birth of future Malaysians.

Our families and next generations are in Malaysia,why should we not be united as one great united Malaysian nation. We should not let the imperfections created by our systems, mar our unity as one nation. Thou we are imperfect, I do not think we are more imperfect than many other nations of the world, who may be even more imperfect in their ways. There should more activities among Malaysians to promote unity and social cohesions as one nation. We may have our differences in race,religion and politics, but we must find a common cause by which we become more socially united as one.Unity in our systems need to enhanced.

It does not require much change to present systems. It just needs a consciousness elevation among Malaysians about the importance of unity and social cohesions in our systems. In which nation do we find malaysian indians and malaysian chinese speaking as good malay, as malaysian malay. In which nation do you find malay malaysian people, cooking and selling,chinese culture and indian culture food. In which nation do people of all races get together to enjoy each other’s company during christmas,deepavali and hari raya. In which nation do all people speak more than 2 languages.

I myself can speak 5 languages and am trying to learn another language,to make it 6 languages. Many one language nations seem to struggling just speaking good and staying united in one language. These are only a few unity excellence observations that makes us Malaysians want to unite and improve our unity systems in Malaysia. We Malaysian are lucky and blessed people,who live in a rich and fertile khatulistiwa(equator) land called Malaysia. We are blessed with much fertile greenery,diversity of races and many other wealths in both visible/invisible forms.We must stay true to our bersatu ideal systems, in our social cohesion systems to make the nation better than what it was in past.

The unity systems and social cohesions systems must get better for the future of all malaysians. A lot people outside the nations can say many ugly things about our nation, but it should make us more determined to make more efforts,for excellence of unity and social cohesions in our systems. We should take the motto of, ” the more the rejections we get, the closer we get to , Malaysia’s great contibution outcome”.In the past during 1950s when the country was in chaos and disorder, many foreign nation said that we will become a failed nation. In 1950s many Malaysians were so poor, we could not even afford to buy shirts to wear with sarongs. Just compare those times from today, in terms of wealth. Nowadays we so much clothings, we rather be giving them away to other poorer nations.

Now in 2000s we have proved many foreign critics wrong, and continue to forge ahead despite hiccups in our systems. Malaysia has emerged as a dynamic nation, which is sort to be role modeled by many other developing nations.Malaysia with China and India, are the highest productive nations of the world, in terms of wealth creations. The cooperation between China,India, Malaysia and others has created 350 million richer people in India and another 500 million over rich in China. This system expansions,can we help abolish, even more poverty in many other nations. Unity and social cohesions in Malaysian systems should further be further perfected so that we can be a shining role model nation in Asia, for other less sucessful nations to aspire for.A lot mistakes have been made in our nation history,but in due time we have been able overcome these mistakes made with flying colours. Lets take the mistake of imprisoning malaysian politicians.

Many of these imprisoned politicians now in higher positions, than they were ever before. This one example about how our nation has overcomed its mistakes. We are yet to overcome many other mistakes,but hard work and in good time we can again overcome these mistake. There needs to be a more positive outlook in us, to overcome our mistakes and enhance our malaysian unity and social cohesion systems.

There is also a need to inject more honesty in our systems. Honesty is best policy, which will propel us to greater excellence. Malaysians need to work harder to promote more honesty in all field of disciplines and activities. We have to create easy citizen feedback honesty systems and get more pro-active in responses to feedbacks.

Malaysians also need embark more in creating more care in our systems. We need to lessen doing things that burden the citizens more. We need to project more care in all our activites in our daily work activites.Inspired by new Malaysia Prime Minister, one Malaysia is suitable for all races in this country. The concept of 1 Malaysia was introduced on 3rd April 2009 by Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the paramount cardinal principles underlined in the 1Malaysia concept is to built united and progressive Malaysians, inculcate the spirit of togetherness and value of tolerance and sense of belonging among Malaysians, regarding race, religion and creed.In article Najib explains ‘One Malaysia’ concept on Independent International East Malaysia newspaper, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk SeriNajib Tun Razak said, the implementation of various programmed in accordance with the “One Malaysia” concept can unite the people of various communities in the country in a more just manner. Unity is one of the guiding principles to build a united and progressive Malaysians.

This is shows the importance of unity in Malaysia to see our country achieve its vision and for use to fulfill our aspirations. In Malay News on article 1Malaysia concept for a truly united Malaysia stated Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (2010) said that he sees this 1Malaysia concept as one for us to achieve our country mission. As Malaysians we must have some important attitude to achieve these concepts. Firstly, Malaysians must admit and accept the reality that Malaysia is made up of a plural society.Secondly, Malaysians must treat diversity in a plural society of Malaysia as an impetus to progress further to greater height in the future, and lastly, Malaysia must unite and work together with policies that look after the interest of all races said Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai in his speech at Cheras on 16 March 2010 reported in Malay Mail. Read more in Issues « Buy a Ticket – Get Molested! Baby Dumping »Other concepts of 1Malaysia are to inculcate the spirit of togetherness and value of tolerance.

The ways to build the spirit of togetherness and value of tolerance among Malaysians people by associated with the mindset of the people to move from one paradigm to another, with the basis paradigm being tolerance. We as Malaysians also need to celebrate our diversity which we need to reached the final destination of Bangsa Malaysia of 1Malaysia, where we act as one people, one nation and one dream.According to Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak in Independent National East Malaysia(2010) on article Najib explains ‘One Malaysia’ concept, “In 1Malaysia also provide two main principles that people must follow which are mutual respect and trust in one another. ” Respect and trust between each of the races in Malaysia is important in order to build a strong nation and being together no matter what happen.In order to that it is also helping the country to build and improve the country itself. The initiatives of rakyat surely welcome Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak initiatives which who are concern about the unity among all races and the nation’s economic competitiveness in the forthcoming economic down.

The unity is important not just to build a strong country but also to build and being are economic competitiveness help the country in crisis.