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Nationwide Express was founded in 1985, and was one of the first locally established companies in Malaysia in the same twelvemonth and with its chief activity being that of a messenger service supplier. Nationwide Express were supported by 1,500 employees, 200 fleet of countrywide Mobiles and 500 minibike messenger, that`s meets the demand for door-to-door fast, efficient and dependable service for rapid transportation of lightweight and high value goods between location.

Harmonizing to an independent study that has been carried out by Malayan Communication and Multimedia Commission ( MCMC ) , Nationwide Express has been ranked as the most preferable messenger company. Their trade name has besides been awarded the Best Malaysia Brand 2004 in the logistics class at the International Brand Consumer Fair ( IBCOF ) 2004. Nationwide Express were selected as the 2005 Super Brands of Malaysia and won the Brand laureate 2006/2007 for being the Best Trade name in Courier- Logistics ( Malaysia ) . Nationwide Express wills cargos anyplace and anytime, for “When It Is Nationwide Express, It Is Equally Good As There” .

Nationwide Express chief activity is a messenger service supplier. It meets the demand for fast, efficient and dependable service for the speedy transportation of light-weight and high value good location. Today, they have a sum of 180 webs, consisting of subdivisions and agents all over Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam. Its entirely owned subordinate companies are Nationwide Express Courier Pte. Ltd. ( Singapore ) , Nationwide Express Freight Forwarders Sdn.Bhd. and Nationwide Express Metro Sdn.Bhd. engaged in messenger concern, cargo forwarding and handling of high value cargo severally.

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The chief hub of Nationwide Express is located at its caput office in Shah Alam, Selangor which managing over 40,000 bundles per twenty-four hours and with ongoing of installations. It may besides manage up to 70,000 pieces of bundles daily. Nationwide Express claims to hold the most comprehensive and extended web in to whole Malaya with over 100 location. They have a strategically placed in virtually every town dotted along the length and comprehensiveness of the Peninsular and East Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore reflecting their committedness to supply a truly national coverage.

For over the past 2 decennaries, Nationwide is a family name and trade name to be reckoned with. It is a trade name that was good introduced.Over the old ages Nationwide Express has developed into a trade name name which is indistinguishable to courier and show bringing services in the Malayan logistics scene. Their trade name image is communicated on the footing of their bing nucleus value, viz. Trustworthiness and Excellence Driven. Their aims are simple yet obliging to instil clients ‘ trueness and accentuate merchandise. In brief, Nationwide Express is in a category above the remainder.



  • The company began their operation


  • By this twelvemonth, the company expanded their company to east Malaysia


  • Established a entirely owned subordinate in Singapore named Nationwide Express Courier Pte Ltd


  • The company Acquired a cargo send oning company name Miramakmur Sdn Bhd, and at the same twelvemonth the company alteration its name to Nationwide Freight Forwarders Sdn Bhd


  • They have been listed on the Second Board of KLSE and known as Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad


  • By this really twelvemonth, the company acquired at least 5 acre of premiss in Shah Alam to suit the corporate caput office, cardinal hub and a warehouse.

  • Execution of Nationwide Integrated Courier Applications Systems ( NICAS )


  • Awarded the Certificate of Merits at NACRA 2000


  • Goes international through coaction and strategic confederations


  • Web-enablement of path and hint system

  • Incorporation of Nationwide Express Metro Sdn Bhd ( NEM ) as a entirely owned subordinate

  • Incorporation of two ( 2 ) new companies under the name of Nationwide Express Distribution Sdn Bhd ( NED ) and Nationwide Express Logistics Sdn Bhd ( NEL )

  • Smart partnership with Medical Relief Malaysia ( MERCY Malaysia ) coined as “ When It ‘s For MERCY, Nationwide Express It ”

  • Appointment as Cargo Gross saless Agent for Malaysian Airline System Berhad

  • Constitution of a KLIA installation


  • Launch of “ Easicourier ” at Petronas service Stationss, countrywide

  • Strategic confederation with Pacific Kiosks by puting up bead off counters at its subdivisions

  • Short-listed for elaborate adjudication at the NACRA Award 2003

  • Won the desired KLSE Award for Corporate Governance – Merit Award

  • Initiated the pilot Hajj undertaking


  • Formed strategic confederations with PT Citra Van Titipan Kilat Indonesia ( TIKI )

  • Acquisition of a piece of leasehold land mensurating about 145,500 sq ft together with a 3 storey office block and 2 blocks of storey office edifice with 1 floors purpose built logistics Centre

  • Introduced new merchandise “ Handling of Dangerous Goods ”

  • Constitution of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee

  • Awarded the Best Malayan Brand Award at IBCOF 2004

  • Short-listed for elaborate adjudication at NACRA Award 2005

  • New Logistics Centre to the full operational

  • Collaboration with MERCY Malaysia to supply logistical solutions in the distribution of contributions to the tsunami victims in North West of Malaysia, Banda Acheh Indonesia and Sri Lanka


  • Resettlement to new corporate office

  • Migration to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia

  • Constitution of new flagship known as Nationwide Express @ Jalan Ampang

  • Awarded the Superbrands 2005

  • Invited as the chief invitee talker at the first Malayan National Fleet Convention 2005

  • Introduction of Nationwide Express ‘ e-shipping solutions

  • Short-listed for elaborate adjudication at NACRA Award 2005

  • Initiated the ISO 9001:2000 ISO Awareness run

  • Beginning of SIN-KUL-SIN bringing tally undertaking


Since incorporation in 1985 and a successful listing on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad has grown both its web and gross twelvemonth after twelvemonth to go one of the taking suppliers of messenger, cargo and logistics services in Malaysia.

In tandem with the pattern of other Malayan Public Listed Companies ( PLCs ) , Nationwide Express utilises Bursa Malaysia ‘s Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) model as a guideline to detect CSR. Nationwide Express inculcates the civilization of CSR by unwraping their CSR activities every bit good as engages CSR as a portion of the manner they work and think. They believe that CSR is NOT about how they spend the money BUT about how their MAKE money.

Nationwide Express affirms CSR to be their purpose by plighting committedness to convey about positive alteration in the environment, community, workplace and market place whilst carry oning our day-to-day concern. Nationwide Express adopt CSR in an unfastened and crystalline concern pattern that is based on ethical values and regard to present sustainable value to the society at big, viz. for the community, employees, the environment, stockholders and other stakeholders.

In transfusing good CSR pattern, Nationwide Express remains concentrate on their Ternary Bottom Line ( TBL ) , that is, first-class economic public presentation, superior societal patterns and good environmental patterns.