This is the fourth and final post for 2011 of the online version of Nemedian Dispatches. This feature previously appeared in the print journal, but now has relocated here to the blog. On a quarterly basis, Nemedian Dispatches will highlight new and upcoming appearances of Howard’s fiction in print, as well as Howard in other types of media.In Print:Lone Scout of LettersThis anthology, compiled and edited by Rob Roehm, collects Klatt’s letters to Tevis Clyde Smith and a sampling of Klatt’s Lone Scout material.

In addition to being a friend and correspondant of Howard, he was a primary figure of the Lone Scouts of America movement in Texas. Not only did he contribute to Lone Scout, the organization’s official organ, he also wrote articles for a plethora of “tribe papers” and edited Lone Scout columns for regional and community newspapers. This volume also includes material by Howard, Truett Vinson, and Smith.

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From Roehm’s Room Press.Conan the IndomitableThis is the third and final volume from British publisher Gollancz that collects all the Conan stories and fragments. Contents include: “The Black Stranger,” “The Phoenix on the Sword,” “The Scarlet Citadel” and The Hour of the Dragon. The first two volumes in the collection, Conan the Destroyer and Conan the Berserker are still available.

Spicy AdventuresThe Robert E. Howard Foundation Press recently published a collection of Howard’s “spicy” adventures. This collection is the first time many of these stories have appeared in hardback, and is also the first time most of them have appeared with all the “spice” that Howard intended. In addition to all of the complete tales, this volume contains a large miscellanea section with drafts and synopsizes that allow readers to glimpse Howard’s creative process.Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard CollectorThis is Dennis McHaney’s tribute to Glenn Lord and his ground-breaking Howard journal, The Howard Collector. The volume contains tributes from Don Herron, Morgan Holmes, Roy Thomas, Dennis McHaney, Patrice Louinet, Fred Blosser, James Reasoner, Frank Coffman, Rusty Burke, Leo Grin, Paul Herman, Bill Cavalier, Damon Sasser, Barbara Barrett, and Rob Roehm, plus a history of The Howard Collector with index by McHaney, and five works of Howard fiction from the pages of that journal This must-have book is available in both hardback and paperback from! Zombies! Zombies!Editor Otto Penzler collects a diverse catalog of zombie literature.

This volume features world-renowned authors like W.B. Seabrook, Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Robert McCammon, Richard Matheson and features Robert E. Howard’s classic zombie yarn, “Pigeons From Hell.

” Published by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Original.Weird Tales Volume 18, Number 5Girasol Collectible has just released another in their series of Weird Tales pulp replicas.  This one is Weird Tales for December 1931 and features REH’s “The Dark Man.” Girasol is publishing new replicas monthly, with a lot of them having Howard material.Video:Conan the Barbarian (2011)The 3D/2D Blu-ray Disc and regular DVD versions of the new Conan the Barbarian movie are now on sale. Both are loaded with bonus materials that includes two audio commentaries, a history of the Conan franchise featurette and “The Man Who Would Be Conan: Robert E. Howard,” plus two additional featurettes that examine the action and fight scenes.

TGR blogger Rob Roehm even shows up to discuss Howard.Kindle & E-Books:The Weird Works of Robert E. HowardFour more volumes of this ten volume series published by Wildside Press are now available for Kindle users: Gardens of Fear (Vol. 6), Beyond the Black River (Vol. 7), Black Hounds of Death (Vol. 9) and A Thunder of Trumpets (Vol. 10). This series collections all of Howard’s stories and poems that appeared in Weird Tales, plus several other weird stories from other pulps.

The Deadly Sword of Cormac, From Dark Corners and Names in the Black BookRobert E. Howard fan Steve Miller has released several eBooks/PDFs of Howard’s stories in the hopes of showing people that Howard wrote other stories in addition to Conan and Solomon Kane. There are several other collections as well on the Drive-Thru Fiction website. Coming Soon:Blood & Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard (Second Edition)As previously noted here on the blog, the 2nd edition of Mark Finn’s REH biography will be out the end of January from the REH Foundation Press. Pre-orders are being accepted at the Robert E.

Howard Foundation website.Science Fiction CollectionAlso coming soon from the REH Foundation Press is an as yet untitled collection of Howard’s science fiction stories, which should be available around February. The hardcover book will have a color cover by Mark Schultz and an introduction by Mike Stackpole who penned the Conan the Barbarian movie novelization. Contents include:

  • Almuric
  • “The Challenge from Beyond”
  • “The Gondarian Man”
  • “The Last Laugh”
  • “The Last Man”
  • “The Last White Man”
  • “The Man Who Went Back”
  • “People of the Black Coast”
  • “A Room in London”
  • “The Supreme Moment”
  • Untitled synopsis (“Hunwulf, an American . .


  • “The Valley of the Lost” (1)
  • “A Twentieth-Century Rip Van Winkle”
  • “The Iron Terror”

Conan Meets the Academy: Multidisciplinary Essays on the Enduring BarbarianComing late next year from McFarland Publications, is this collection of essays on everyone’s favorite Cimmerian. Contributors include Frank Coffman, Jeffrey Shanks, Jonas Prida, Daniel Weiss, Paul Shovlin, Dan Look, Nicky Falkof, James Kelly, Stephen Wall and Imola Bulgozdi. The volume is edited by Jonas Prida, who is an assistant professor of English and head of the English Department at the College of St. Joseph, in Rutland, Vermont.The Sword & Sorcery AnthologyThis a new heroic fantasy anthology from Tachyon Publications, slated for June 2012 publication, that contains Howard’s “Tower of the Elephant.” Other contributors include: Jack Vance, C.L.

Moore, Fritz Leiber Michael Moorcock, Karl Edward Wagner, David Drake, plus by Michael Shea. Edited by David G. Hartwell and Jacob Weisman.Robert E.

Howard’s Savage Sword #4Coming from Dark Horse on March 28, 2012, Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #4, featuring eighty full-color pages filled with stories spotlighting Robert E. Howard’s finest creations. In addition to a Conan story, other stories feature Brule, The Sonora Kid and Kull.The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: The Queen of Pulp Pin-Up ArtBeginning in 1932, Margaret Brundage made her mark on the pulp magazine world of fantasy and horror. It was that year that she began a six year run as the primary cover artist for Weird Tales. Indeed her lust-filled cover paintings, bordering on the lewd, had as much to with the magazine’s success as its contributors. Authors and compilers Stephen D.

Korshak and J. David Spurlock are joined by Rowena Morrill, Robert Weinberg, and Melvin Korshak, all contributing to this first book devoted to Brundage. Published by Vanguard Publications.Masters of Horror Limited EditionComing in June 2012, an audio collection of horror stories from Audio Realms.

Volume One includes stories by Algernon Blackwood, F. Marion Crawford, Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard (“The Voice of El-Lil”). This is a Limited Edition of 150 signed copies.