Neoliberal economic globalization is removal of barriers between different culture and countries. It means freedom of trade of resources and services. Major factors in neoliberal economic globalization are Economic growth, free trade liberalization and privatization. But somewhere down the line it has love-hate relationship with violent conflict. As sometimes it is considered as forward step towards global peace and prosperity and sometime it gives the impression of promoting violence over the world.Globalization promoted Trade and Financial Liberalization but recent example can be taken between trade ties took between USA and Mexico as it was intended to promote trade but still it promoted violence as many people raised there concerns over it and eventually turned in to a violent affair. So the process of Neoliberal economic globalization fosters conflict and peace too.

As it is up to us that how we can make use of it.We can peacefully accept it and try to make trade and economy stable or can turn against it and start doing violent protests. As it is explained in book that Neoliberal economic globalization promotes global transfer of technology, increase standard of living and promote global peace but it also gives significance power to private industry to dominate the market and it widens the gap between rich and poor hence it can easily promote violent acts.Plan Columbia is great example how trade can bring politics between two countries as due to Drug trade America has launched a operation plan Columbia to tackle down with this illegal trade and to bring economic development in Columbia but many people also thinks that all of this is done by America to gain control over Columbia natural resources like oil.

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