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Nettles and Praise vocal for my female parent both explore the subjects of child parent relationships and the responsibilities the parents have in protecting and caring for their kid. Nettles is written from the male parents position and is about one event which occurred where his boy fell in a nettle bed and the male parent helps him retrieve. In contrast to this congratulations vocal is written to the female parent from her girl although both are grownups whereas nettles emphasizes the child’s immature age and exposure from the really get downing where “my boy aged three” is the really first line. ‘my’ shows the protectiveness and it suggests he believes it is his responsibility to assist him and ‘aged three’ high spots his deficiency of understanding at the age he is at.

‘Tender’ besides indicates the boy’s artlessness.However. congratulations vocals usage of repeat with ‘you were’ suggests that the parent’s responsibility is done and the kid is ready to travel on in life without the demand for her Dendranthema grandifloruom to assist her any more. But we know the female parent has been successful in assisting her girl because of the usage of enjambement to demo she is continuously caring and the metaphor ‘water to me’ shows she was a critical portion of life because H2O is required to last. Nettles nevertheless shows a new experience for the male parent as words linked with acquisition are present throughout. ‘Seemed’ and ‘curious’ shows the uncertainness of the male parent and eventually ‘at last’ shows the alleviation he felt when he was right.

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The stanzas in congratulations vocal construct up from a subdivision of 3 regular 3 lined stanzas to a longer. more descriptive Forth stanza where it seems emotions have built up and they are let travel so. Nettles though is one long 16 line stanza but caesura is used to make a natural flow by and could associate to the natural procedure of caring for your kid.Both poems seem really personal to the author because of the usage of first individual in Nettles for illustration ‘My son’ and ‘I saw’ . This makes the verse form seem more realistic because the first individual composing authenticates the statements made. Praise song nevertheless incorporates really culturally specific descriptions such as ‘plantain smell’ . which would intend more to her female parent than anyone else.Next.

the tones of the pieces could propose the different worries the different relations can hold. By this I mean the name ‘Nettles’ and the overall tone of the verse form is negative and suggests danger this possibly because the verse form is from the parents position who would be on the sentinel for danger to protect his boy. Whereas Praise Song is from the girls view so she wont worry about the dangers confronting her female parent as much because it isn’t natural to experience its your responsibility to protect your parents every bit much as you kids.

Finally the terminations of the verse forms are similar in that they both end with statements sing the kids but the stoping in Nettles which is ‘My boy would frequently experience crisp lesions again’ is still sing the subject of the male parents larning because the verse form tells the message that you cant ever protect your boy from danger so this statement is fundamentally aimed at himself. However in Praise vocal the stoping ‘Go to your broad hereafters you said’ is aimed straight at the girl and is a really wide inquiry proposing she believes her girl no longer needs aid decision making and she is giving her freedom.