Last updated: July 23, 2019
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(New York State flag):

The official (New York State flag) dates to 1778, when
New York ratified the United States constitution and became the Union’s 11th
state. The flag depicts New York’s emblematic state seal, which was
last modified in 1882.

Symbolic Elements of the (NY Flag):

In the center of the flag’s seal, a shield depicts the
Hudson River with ships and a rising sun. This underlines the river’s
significant role in New York trade and commerce.

On the left of the shield, the seal features the Goddess of
Liberty. Holding a pole with a liberty cap on top, Liberty symbolizes the
people’s right to independence and freedom from tyrannical oppression.

On the right side of the shield, the Goddess of Justice
holds the scales of justice while blindfolded, to represent the State’s
devotion to impartial and fair treatment under the rule of law. In this way, the (New York State flag) espouses the wider
American ideals of liberty and justice for all.

State Motto: Excelsior

Above the shield toward the top of the (NY flag), an
American eagle perches on a globe, symbolizing economic freedom and New York’s opportunistic
global positioning in the Western hemisphere. At the bottom of the seal,
Liberty and Justice stand atop a banner that reads “Excelsior.” This
is New York’s motto, meaning “Ever Upward” in Latin, and it speaks to the
state’s optimism and ongoing aspiration for excellence and freedom.

Until the 1960s, the Empire State was
America’s leading state in most areas, including population, cultural
influence and economic growth. New York City was even the nation’s capital
until 1970. Still today, New York boasts a huge population and is a global
economic hub.

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Indoor Flags

Indoor (New York flags) are available in multiple sizes, and
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